1. Thank you for being a voice of reason and empathy during these times of misinformation and domestic terrorism, President Biden. God Bless 🙏

    1. @Chucks Grace I need you to focus. You’re talking about something that happened in 2020 while something else happened just yesterday. So is this going to be the response from here on out. Every time some conservative lose their shet you’re going to talk about that

    1. @Michael Tiy can’t judge the whole by a few and if you’ve lived at all with any life experiences you know better.

    2. @Arma Ellis yet your president has done that exact thing, how do you democrats not see your HYPOCRACY, putting boys in girls bathrooms is disgusting no matter how you spin it what happened to womens rights

    3. @Michael If you would use your own brain instead of letting others tell you things you’d find out that isn’t true. Who ever you listen to for information is getting paid millions per year to keep you and those of you who trust your sources wholehearted to keep you thinking and believing what they tell you because they know you are too lazy to research and find out on your own the truth. Why do you think that millions and maybe a few billions in campaign ads.They say the same over and over until it becomes Bible verses in your brain. It’s called subliminal suggestions or messages and it has proven to be effective. Movie theaters proved this to be quite profitable..I could go farther but you wouldn’t understand .ENJOY YOUR LIFE. AND VOTE FOR WHOMEVER YOU PLEASE AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU 🙏

    4. @Arma Ellis you are what’s wrong with this country UNINFORMED VOTER you are so programed you could word for CNN George Soros is your God and he has one goal destroying America, open your eyes not your mouth

    5. @Michael I’m here living on the ground and experiencing all the B S you speak of long before there ever was a CNN and I even remember when FOX came on the scene from Australia to stir up the Pot. I even remember you sitting in the shoulders of your pa or grandpa at a KLAN RALLYVshown on Black and white TVs I even remember you or your ancestors lynching and burning down neighborhoods of color with no consequences. I remember Mayors by day and Klansman with white sheets burning crosses on lawns by night. So don’t give me your programed BS about CNN.THEY WEREVJUST FIND WHEN TRUMP GOT FREE ADVERTISEMENT WHILE RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT AND HE WON BUT WHEN THE SCRUTINY CAME ,THEY WERE FAKE NEWS. THOSE THAT WANTED TO BELIEVE HIM REPEATED THE SAME SO YOU HAVE NO CREDIT IN BELIEVEABILITY. TAKE A HIKE 🚶‍♂️

  2. Sending prayers to pelosi family! I am so sorry this happen, it’s beyond sickening and wrong thing to do.l time to hold everyone who involved accountable . Threats, attempting assist in harm officals in any levels should be jailed! No more violences, no mores lies , no more chaos, no more bullying, no more Imaniting officals or voters ! jUST STOP!!

    1. Why didn’t Creepy Joe have this same sentiment when liberals were burning cities all across the country and attacking Conservatives at Trump rallies???? Crickets…….. Yeah, that’s what I thought!!!

    2. @Danu’s Dragonfly guy was a green party member, communist, lived at a hippie commune, made hemp jewelry and was an illegal alien. Yep this is maga country.

  3. I’m so sorry for her husband and the family. Has anyone from the Republican Party condemned this? I’m truly asking.

    1. @GazM For the people who lynched and burned down neighborhoods and Cities of color for decades still have not been punished JUSTICE DELAYED ISN’T JUSTICE DENIED, IT TAKES A LONG TIME. IT WILL EVENTUALLY SELF FIX.

    1. It was all staged, a false flag designed to generate sympathy votes for the Demorats because they’re going to lose the mid terms. Damn these people are so cynical, callous and calculative.

    2. It was all staged, a false flag designed to generate sympathy votes for the Demorats because they’re going to lose the mid terms. Damn these people are so cynical, callous and calculative.

    3. What the hell is wrong with you people? Pedo Joe and his babysitters are the ones who have created the danger! You better do more than pray!

  4. 2:15 “…stand up against…..regardless of your politics….”
    How about we start with not putting people on ballots that feed these lies and hatred. Things like that should automatically disqualify someone from being able to run for any elected position. We reap what we sow when we have virtually zero standards asked of in our candidates of choice.

    1. @N N yes, he did get right to work but tfg still, to this day, screams The Big Lie that the election was rigged. It erodes democracy to have to deal with such
      esp after 61 or so cases tossed that tfg brought trying to upend the election.

  5. Glad to know he is getting better.🙏🏻
    What absurd. And it’s not the first time she is victim of hate politics. ☹️
    She needs more protection.
    Praying for them and for you all.
    Praying to the whole world during this hard time we have been living.

    1. DePape’s neighbor: “What I know is he’s very radical, very far left. He’s all about the BLM movement, gay pride. Very detached from reality.”

  6. The fact that he was able to get that close and INTO that household is insane. Especially considering her power and significance. It would be harder to get into the Kardashians house. What the heck?!!

    1. @Em D exactly. Didn’t she have a $20,000 + fridge. I’m sure she has security – interesting she lives in a wealthy area yet no one knew about a home invasion.

    2. @Thomas looks like he’s that same guy that jumped out of Pelosi’s car when he got away with being 3x legal limit and smashed another car

    3. The so called intruder was a male prostitute BLM and gay pride supporter. When police arrived he was in his underwear. Paul Pelosi said the guy was a friend.

    1. @Renate Hall y’all are driving the country to the ground. I can’t afford anything these days and you liberals have made it worst for my family

  7. The issue is his lying about his past and his obvious brain damage and impaired impulse control as well as the charges of spousal abuse and neglect of his 4 children. Why would they put a man like this in the senate?

    1. At first I thought you were referring to Joe’s two brain surgeries and his impulse control issues.

  8. These crazy deluded people are a puzzling aspect of American Politics that I simply cannot understand !
    I hope the American people can work this out – its urgent !

    1. @break neck slow if you say so. Hey…when does your unit mobilise to go to Ukraine? Will you still be posting your Russian lies from there or will you just set up an auto post thing, while your tank is being targeted by smarter weapons than you’ll have access to? Make sure you take your winter warm underwear, although with the way Russian military is losing, you may not survive more than two or three weeks anyway.

    2. Who cares. Democrats not stopping left extremist from being at judges houses. Its still happening. Now Mr. Pelosi hippie boy toy plays ruff its a problem? Lol

  9. Get well soon Paul. No matter the circumstances, nobody deserves that! As for Biden, shut up. This is NOT A MAGA REPUBLICAN. This is a disturbed person who committed a deplorable act. Its not politics, just unfortunate.

  10. David Depape lives in a school bus painted with unicorns and with his rainbow flags waving.
    I understand now.

  11. What is despicable is you trying to blame this on someone and use it to your benefit in the upcoming election

  12. “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.” — Joe Biden, describing fellow candidate Barack Obama.

    “Unlike the African-American community, with notable exceptions, the Latino community is an incredibly diverse community with incredibly diverse attitudes about different things.” – joe biden.

    “In Delaware, the largest growth in population is Indian-Americans moving from India. You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent.” – joe biden.

    “Well, I tell you what, if you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.” -joe biden.

    “poor kids are just as bright and as talented as white kids” – joe biden.

    “not every one in the african american and hispanic community in particular, know how to use, know how to get online” – joe biden.

    “she kept me very busy, she was 12 I was 30” – Joe Biden

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