Biden says a recession is ‘not inevitable’ despite economic woes | USA TODAY

During a trip to Tokyo, President Joe Biden denied the inevitability of a recession while admitting to some economic woes.

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  1. This man has no idea what universe he is in. Clearly, we are skipping the recession and jumping straight to depression.

    1. @S Drake soon to come. As desperation sets in, and people realize they are now fucked nd homeless, crime will most certainly rise. People can’t afford toilet paper. Have a nice day.

  2. Word salads, no answers, however the “transition” will bankrupt most of the poor and working class.

  3. This man does not know anything about economics. He said inflation was ‘transitory’, he was wrong. He said gas price increases were due to Putin, he was wrong. Asking him economic questions is like asking a fool.

    1. @Heywood Jablowme overly political Dems in general say that, don’t limit it to their candidate.

  4. We are already in one. A recession is two consecutive negative GDP reports and we already had one last quarter and there is frankly no reason to think this quarter will be better. In fact, it will assuredly be worse. Gas, inflation and the supply chain is all getting worse and this is starting to cause unemployment, which is always the last lagging indicator.

  5. Wait I thought gas prices were high because of Russia? He literally just admitted the prices were high because they want everyone to use electric.

    1. When they say, “We’ll be less dependent on fossil fuels” they mean, “We’re taking your gas away”

    2. Here’s the problem, EV’s are very expensive, hard to find, mechanics won’t work on them, and there is hardly any charging stations around. Owning an EV right now is purely a status symbol. This big EV push is nothing more than an assault on the lower middle class and below. With lithium prices skyrocketing, and electricity bills going up, who can afford an EV without being rich?

    3. @Smasher Devourer Tesla is trying but Elon isexperiencing technical difficulties ever since he said he’d never vote Dem again. He wasn’t even invited to the EV conference despite making twice the rest of the market combined and Biden said there that GM was the biggest.

  6. This AH has been wrong about absolutely everything so far , so stand by for the recession folks. FJB

  7. The President of the United States needs an earpiece to recite a speech and still cannot make it happen. You can even see when his eyes move as he attempts to listen to the earpiece while simultaneously repeating it. To anybody who voted for a dementia patient, really nice work!

  8. I can’t imagine the feeling of shame and embarrassment that must follow after voting for Biden.

    1. @Jay Simpson Well when you look at his spending habits and obsession with going green, it’s kind of hard not to blame the main suspect.

    2. @Jay Simpson it is his fault. He revoked the license for the keystone pipeline. We could be sipping that tea right but old geriatric wants everyone to buy a $100,000 electric car.

  9. *The FED has lost it and the sad fact is, it’s pretty obvious we are headed for hyperinflation. I think stores better have tight security because when people can’t afford to feed their families, things might get ugly*

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    3. Look to invest it wisely. At this point I would look to getting some physical gold and or gold investments. They seem to do well in hard economic times.

  10. Joe is pretty much always wrong, about everything. He did graduate at the bottom of his class, after all. (and lied about it)

  11. Ridiculous. Those that support him and/or voted for him oughta be ashamed. Regardless of political beliefs he’s making everyone’s life worse unless you’re in the top 1%.

  12. Each time the FED has gone through a rate hiking cycle, they are only able to raise rates half as much compared to the prior hiking cycle before the economy falls apart. The last time they did a hiking cycle they got to 2.5%. Talk about between a rock and a hard place.

    1. If the worry was inflation they would be looking at the supply side also. Higher oil prices are really the elephant in the room bringing up prices for everything. But you know green energy revolution renewable blah blah blah. No leases no pipelines

    2. The markets are been propped up by the FED printing money with NO limit. Every time the Market blips down the FED dumps cash into the dip. Tbh I’m in need of a good investment plan currently, I have a lump sum of $300k+ in a savings account yielding next to nothing

    3. @Joseph Gill I’d recommend seeking a proven fiduciary Financial-Advisor who will guide, and show you the ropes on stock and digital asset management as you are just starting out. I mean the likes of “Eileen Ruth Sparks” just like i did.

    4. @Fred Gallag Thank you! I just looked her up on the WEB and sent a message hoping she gets back to me.

    5. We are in a state of despair. This one, I believe, will be worse than the one we faced in the 1930s.

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