1. Karen Dilday
      Yeah.Joe the Lifeguard. The dude’s a trip. If only we could get him on the debate stage with “The” Donald.
      That’s Donald Jamaal Trump for all you hypocritical “progREssives.”

  1. Guys I’m suing Mazda for me getting a speeding ticket. This makes a lot of sense and you’re a bigot if you disagree!!!

    1. sing along
      Or just skip down to the biggest insult in the book: “liberal.”
      No one bitches and moans more.
      They’re still crying about Nov 2016. Yikes.

    1. Scot Patterson
      Yep. It would’ve been legendary to have the funniest two in the game for the presidency. Bernie is bore and a drag, with his communism and all. LoL.

    2. sounds like you have first hand knowledge of Bidens hairy legs.
      how much time have you spent sitting in Bidens lap jumping up and down with your hands down his pants?

    3. Daryl Leckt you’re an idiot, he was referring to hairy legged Joe’s interview where he said kids would rub the hairs on his legs by the pool and that the Sun would make them blonde.

    1. Could you believe her ?
      Time to get dirty and ugly ?
      Has she not watched Congress for the past 3 FUCKING YEARS.
      Thank God they suffer extensively from Cognitive dissonance.
      Unbelievable. And we wonder how they could still get votes ? Because of “that” kind of we tahw dation.

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