Biden says mass shootings happen ‘far too often’ after MSU shooting | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden called for more common sense gun laws, following the Michigan State University shooting that left three dead and five injured.

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More information emerged Tuesday about a 43-year-old shooter with a previous gun violation who killed three Michigan State University students late Monday and critically wounded five others, but police were still searching for a motive.

Authorities said Anthony Dwayne McRae had once been on probation for the gun offense and had a history of mental health struggles. He shot and killed himself after a manhunt that ended in a confrontation with police miles from campus, authorities said Tuesday.

The university identified two of the dead students – Brian Fraser, a sophomore, and and Alexandria Verner, a junior. Relatives of the third student killed requested the name not be released. All three hailed from the Detroit metropolitan area.

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    1. @Ta Sa and that is not where people get guns . Chicago has strict gun laws. Right outside the city are huge gun dealers. More guns equals more deaths.
      Vote Republican. More guns. More mass shootings. More DEATHS !

    2. @Carter Stroud
      Most criminals aren’t legally buying guns.
      More importantly, what about all the shootings that are stopped by people like me that carry a gun and follow the rules who stop mass shootings? There are only one type of people you can keep from carrying guns with laws. Those are the people like me. That makes the only people in your theaters, restaurants, and churches that are carrying guns are the people with bad intentions.
      If you think the “good guy with a gun” thing is a myth, you’re wrong. Shootings are stopped all the time and if they even make the news they’re not in it for very long.
      I bet you’re familiar with the aurora theater shooting but never heard about the one that was stopped the next day. “30 people didn’t die” isn’t a catchy headline.

    3. @AP III And you know this…how? That’s not something that gets advertised without the blessing of the people at the top.

  1. Idk if he did or not so he’s gonna speak on gun violence but has not even addressed the nation on the flying objects.

  2. A place full of adults which legally can’t defend themselves, but someone can illegally kill any of them. Where is the logic in that?

    1. @AP III So if they want to take guns away from the citizens, and cops won’t do anything, where does that leave the law abiding American? It makes them a sitting duck, that’s what it does. Right now they are trying to push gun control so we have no way to defend ourselves if you are law abiding, if they were trying to protect us they would fix the revolving door justice system and secure the border. We got a preview of what banning guns will do, drugs are banned yet the streets are filled with them, and, a lot of these shootings happen in areas where guns are not allowed.

    2. @AP III Well we could also get rid of free speech, right to vote, throw in trials while we are at it. Taking away the rights of the victims to defend themselves properly is what gave us this problem. Period. Further taking of rights will only create more victims.

  3. I agree Joe you really should pay for school security. Your kids injoyed having armed staff. Why can’t other schools?

    1. @The Joker Every weed dispensary has armed guards. It’s sad that we are all safer at a weed store than our kids are at school.

    2. @Tesla Drew The ones near me have armed security. The point is I’m a lot safer at a weed store with armed security than I am at school without armed security.

    3. @Tesla Drew Kind of like the reason there aren’t mass shooting at gun stores. There are way too many good guys with guns in there.

  4. Why do some politicians only talk about this stuff when it happens at specific locations only once in awhile, but not when it happens regularly at other locations in some areas? It seems very inconsistent and weird. 🤔

    1. @Leah Gary  there are more killings in a place like Chicago on any given weekend, than there are mass shootings. Where’s your outrage?

    2. They are trying to take attention off of the fact it just came out Biden bombed the pipeline. Look over here not over there

    3. @Leah Gary  the left wants more gun control laws for us hardworking Americans and “redneck Barbies.” This guy was a convicted felon who doesn’t care about laws and clearly doesn’t care about human life. But you would rather ignore that fact and call the people on the right, names, and want more laws that FELONS and CRIMINALS don’t follow

    1. The amount of people who die from these rare mass shootings is extremely small compared to the amount of people who die by suicide by a gun.

    2. @Joe Dirt they’re unfortunately not that rare anymore I constantly see news about these things happening more and more often

    3. @Joe Dirt But that would suggest mental health is the problem and would mean that maybe its the person that’s responsible not the gun so they will never address it.

    4. @John Evergreen no, that’s true at all. Mass shootings are rare because they happen far less than small shootings do and secondly you are hearing about them more now because more connected devices and social media, etc.

    1. Oh no, they can’t do that because that revolving door justice system keeps criminals on the streets and crime levels high in mostly democrat cities so they wont fix it because they can use that to blame Republicans for not passing gun laws, same with the border crisis.

    2. They gotta learn how to catch them first. They worry about the law-abiders instead of the ones that are actually criminals.

  5. What gun laws would have stopped this maniac from doing what he did? They look for soft target “gun free zones” because they don’t have to worry about anybody shooting back.

  6. Murder is already illegal. Guns on campus is already illegal. Ironically those killed were obeying the law,and the person doing the killing didn’t care that there were laws in place telling them that they weren’t supposed to have guns on campus.

    1. @Jerry Kirk I’m sorry, I don’t believe you. People lie on YouTube all the time. If you show evidence like the police report or something, sure but you telling that story doesn’t make it true. I can tell a convincing story about how I lived all over the United States but until I show proof, it’s just a story

    2. @Mobilus In Mobili yep, attack the victims and praise the republican gunman, sure it’s definitely liberals…….

    3. @Good Luck how many other countries have problems with both gun violence and people running over people with cars?

    4. @Tesla Drew how many other countries are like the USA… None.
      Do you like mashed potatoes???? Just because its not made main stream media doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.. A family dispute in Australia led to a entire family being killed by 1 man with a shotgun.. But wouldn’t of happened if gun were banned.. Ohh wait they are… A psycho drives his car throu a crowd of people in france……so what’s your point again….

  7. A few things….the shooter had misdemeanor and felony gun charges a few years ago. He pleaded guilty to the misdemeanor and the felony charge was thrown out. Now that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have gotten a gun another way. But to let gun charges go by the wayside, especially ones that would possibly prevent them from getting guns again, shouldn’t happen. I’ve read and heard this alot with people taking lesser charger and the gun charges getting thrown out. If you don’t want them to have guns again, those should stick.
    And once again gun free zones prove nothing more than to be target shooting for someone who wants to do this. They have been a massive failure since being implemented. Most of the typical mass shootings, the ones that garner headlines, happen in gun free zones.

    1. Show me the words “law abiding” in the text of the 2nd amendment.

      If they’re too dangerous to own a gun they’re too dangerous to be out of jail. Unless you want to bar felons from renting uhauls or buying fertilizer too.

    2. Why not just outlaw murder? Prior charges & current laws have no affect on the actions of criminals. Spot on about gun free zones.

    3. That would mean they would have to fix their revolving door policy and close the border that goes against their agenda.

    Embarrassment to our country.
    He doesn’t care about y’all’s kids he fools y’all into thinking he does, so you can do continue to follow him blindly.

  9. Presidents ,banks, airplanes,jewelry stores are all protected with armed security and medal detectors. Children get stuck in a building with a sign saying gun free zone. Then call guys with guns and hope they respond fast enough.

  10. We create soft targets and then wonder how this could ever happen. It should never happen anywhere but knowing they wont meet resistance is like catnip to the crazies.

    1. I just finished writing ✍️ something similar.
      These psychos are out looking for soft targets..
      Schools, churches, malls, movie theaters.
      We need under cover officers at these places, so when a fkn weirdo like this one comes around to create havoc, introduce him to your little friend.

    1. Every day. 167 mass shootings this year so far ( mass shooting is defined as four or more being shot ).
      Vote Republican. More guns , more mass shootings,MORE DEATHS.

  11. NO we do not have to do “something”. We have to do a LOT of things! First and foremost, it starts at home with parents that raise their children in God fearing homes!!

  12. We hear this speech”far too often”. This administration hasn’t done jack since day 1.
    Wakey wakey, Joe. America is dying here.

  13. All I have heard from him and his administration is we are working on it to make it better it has been two years and they are still working on it and it will be two more years and he will still say the same thing.

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