Biden Signs Legislation To Make Juneteenth A Federal Holiday

President Biden signed legislation to make Juneteenth a federal holiday during a ceremony at the White House. He claimed the holiday "doesn't just celebrate the past, it calls for action today" and signing the act would be "one of the greatest honors I will have had as president."

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    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Yes let’s just vote for the most oppressive election ever. Wow….. No way basement Joe got this. Just to hear his painful pauses and nonsensical statements. What the? This is it? Wow…..

    2. I wonder how much the GOP, fox news and OAN will make Juneteenth sound like a terrorist holiday or un-American out of fear of history of systematic racism coming to the light

    3. @Marico Nabors I don’t understand your mindset here bro. 🧐

      Juneteenth celebration came out of Texas. 🤷🏽…Overwhelmingly Republican in both electorate and congressional representation for a long time now yet they haven’t abolished it. 🤷🏽

      Furthermore, why would you look for such a focus on negativity rather than for what Juneteenth is about? There’s no “us vs them” here, only a celebration

    1. @taco G He just did. . . Donato is asking to make Election Day a national holiday as well, that way Republicans can’t keep minority communities from voting by restricting voting when people get off work

    2. @Tony Alabama what’s so bad about making Election Day a holiday? the other top democracies and even third world countries do it.

    3. How about making your reparations pay day? Election day is working just fine, that’s how Biden got in there. Because you voted for him. The Problem is hes doing nothing for black people. that’s what you need to be worried about

    1. You are kidding right? The left only want delete history which only means we are just going to repeat it. Not because of us but rather the toxic crap news that too many people believe in what they say. It’s depressing and accuses Americans falsely.

    2. @Universal Soldier They are saying that history is taught inaccurately in school. They paint white men who killed thousands as heroes. They imply that the people in charge are responsible for all good things that happen. Like Abe Lincoln and freeing the salves. They make slavery seem a lot less bad as it was, and they imply that we live in an equal world now, despite that being far from the truth.

    3. @Law abiding citizen You won’t celebrate the day that our country stopped being a place where humans were owned by other humans? Ok you do you

  1. Joe Kerns your birthday is still your day, and FYI there are other people all over the world who born on your birthday and celebrate their birthdays on your day too.

  2. I’m from Texas 34 years old been celebrating as long as I can remember finally. By the that’s the day Texas slaves were free’d

    1. @David Leung Trump literally had this on his Platinum Plan agenda. But liberal partisans like you only care about upholding the party politics.

    2. @Minister Sinister I ain’t lying at all. Trump had this earmarked on his Platinum Plan. But most of y’all either wouldn’t have known that because of who control your information flow or even care because y’all gonna believe Trump is evil white supremacist anyway

  3. Wow! This will really help my community to have a symbolic holiday! I guess we don’t need higher wage, community investment, or healthcare. What a load of dog pooh! If this is all dems and republicans can do, then we must end the 2 party system because it only serves the wealthy and multinational corporations. Bezos gets 10 billion while we get a holiday. If that isn’t bs, then idk what is.

  4. This is good but
    ELECTION DAY is what *really* needs to be a Federal holiday, to try and save our “democracy”.

    1. “Really” implies that Juneteenth shouldn’t be a federal holiday and it should. So in practicing what I preach; I agree, Election Day should be a Federal Holiday.

  5. The Civil War (and slavery in the USA) ended on April 9 with Lee’s
    surrender. EVERY war has a “post-war” period where the “hanger’s on”
    are dealt with. Blacks suffered as slaves but whites ALSO suffered and
    DIED in the Civil War. THEY want to share in the holiday as well.
    Making June 19th the holiday to celebrate the end of the Civil War and
    slavery makes about as much sense as celebrating the end of WW2 on March
    9 because on that date in 1974 the LAST Japanese solider surrendered
    and gave up his sword. No SERIOUS historian believes that slavery in
    the USA “ended on June 19”. But for more than 150 years historians ALL
    OVER THE WORLD agree that it ended as a viable institution on April 9,
    1865. This phony holiday shows just how cowardly politicians really

  6. I rather have a bill that protects me like the asian hate crime bill. What is a holiday for all gonna benefit black people????? This is a insult.

  7. The great Abraham Lincoln was a republican he ended slavery the Democrats had nothing to do with it.

  8. Pandering to blacks from the president who was mentored by KKK members Robert Byrd and Strom Thurmond.

  9. Yes let’s just vote for the most oppressive election ever. Wow….. No way basement Joe got this. Just to hear his painful pauses and nonsensical statements. What the? This is it? Wow…..

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