Biden: Some GOP Senators Have Privately Congratulated Me | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

Biden: Some GOP Senators Have Privately Congratulated Me | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


Speaking in a brand new interview, President-elect Joe Biden admits that some Republican senators have called him privately to congratulate him on his election win over Donald Trump. Fmr. RNC Chairman Michael Steele joins to discuss. Aired on 12/4/2020.
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Biden: Some GOP Senators Have Privately Congratulated Me | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @zippyplow I rejoice in Jesus Christ everyday because I know the plan of God Is bigger than the plot of the wicked.


    2. @Mike Ox you ever see the movie back to school with Rodney Dangerfield. see the wicked elite hypocrites knew that Trump was just an ordinary guy who happened to have money. So he didn’t fit their narrative or what it means to be a snooty political grifter. that’s why MSM in silicon valley went after him so hard because he’s not part of their make-believe land of snootyville.

      May Jesus Christ open people’s eyes that Trump actually has a heart for the normal working American whereas MSM and silicon valley don’t

    3. @For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge the MSM in silicon valley has people banging their heads on stupidity all day everyday.
      . JesUSAves

    4. @Chad Simmons may God help everybody that is hurting to no fault of their own.

      God knows that the wicked Democrats. Had a plan to destroy as many people’s businesses and livelihoods as possible because they are the backbone of America and they typically do not vote Democrat.

      this was their way of getting back at Trump and wrecking the economy and getting people to become desperate so that they can try to bribe them with socialism.

      Jesus deliver us from their evil

    1. And Trumps interest are doing for the People and its about time a President does his job. This guy thinks Trump and the people will allow this coup they better think Twice and lube up real good cause we got prisons for people that commit Treason

    1. @Lorax Tribe The Russian angle was DEBUNKED when Hitlery’s memos were uncovered and entered into hard evidence.

    2. @valdestot Georgia State Senate Judicial Committee Hearing, there’s videos all over youtube right now from that hearing, watch for yourself, you’ll see the same thing that MILLIONS of other people just saw, illegal vote counting of ballots taken from suitcases hidden under a table AFTER the vote watchers and press were illegally removed from the building.

      If you believe networks like CNN are always telling the truth, explain why a judge forced CNN and the Washington Post to pay out more than $80 MILLION DOLLARS TO A TEENAGER. Explain why a judge forced NBC to pay MILLIONS to GMC. Explain why CNN was caught interfering in FOREIGN politics by staging fake protests.

      Your precious MSM is being brought down by their own arrogance.

    3. @Chicken Little Syndrome Lil’ Pump and Lil’ Wayne voted for Trump.
      Biggie and Tupac voted for Biden.

  1. Bare all and scream congrats from the top of their lungs. A quick phone call/short email is considered private.

    1. With the cancel culture strong in our hyper connected information age. I’m sure anyone would if they have a large public name.

    1. ANdy Reacts Aren’t you suppose to be throwing your child or nieces and nephews in front of Joe to be sniffed
      right about now?

    1. Doesn’t look like very strong Representatives does it. Meek mice not strong men. Afraid of a tweet or some Looney conspirast supporters. Yea that’s what we want running our Country.

    2. LJ -exactly. Embarrassing cowards. Great example for the youth of our country. Show what a weak, spineless coward looks and acts like, but expect more from the youth of America.

    3. And yes…these are the weaklings running our country. A bunch of old big mouths who put down and disenfranchise tons of people but pretend to be on some moral high ground.

    4. People should be ashamed of agreeing with The pretender elect.

      if Biden had any conscience he wouldn’t go around acting like something he’s not. He admitted years ago that he was willing to be corrupt for politics.

      Jesus Christ said know the truth shall set you free. You are not free because you don’t know the truth.


  2. Like George Carlin astutely said: when they line up for bipartisanship, the public gets screwed twice as bad

  3. They’ve been hiding it all this time, keep it to yourself. Joe i guess this as good a friendship a crook can hope for, enjoy but watch your back!

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