Biden: “There’s no better partner” than Canada | FULL SPEECH in Ottawa

U.S. President Joe Biden highlighted his country's close relationship with Canada as he addressed the House of Commons.

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    1. I think for this type of activity its an small earpiece he has, with someone feeding the lines to him

  1. I’m actually shocked by how well he did this speech. I’m trying to figure out where they put the teleprompters though lol

    1. ​@Boss Hawg go back to go pick him when you know what you’re talking about. You don’t have to look at the screen. It’s called studying. I’m sure you never did that

    1. @Phase Change I am from Toronto…and I live in Toronto. I laugh at the Leaf’s fans. If the Leafs ever do win the Stanley Cup again. That’s one.

    2. @JOE XD I always have tears in my eyes when ‘Rocket’ received a 5min ovation coming onto the ice as the last person cherished closing the ‘Forum’. Imagine he retired 1960 and the Leafs are dry and brittle since 1967. (Just watched the
      Last game at the Montreal Forum – Maurice Rocket Richard ovation
      again on YouTube – worth it)

    1. Pierre would have said ” I love the passion of the leaf fans in Ottawa wearing the Leafs jerseys cheering go Leafs go”. ” “I look around at the fans and think to myself, am I in Toronto lol”.

    2. @Karan S But he didn’t get the popular vote and that says alot about Canadians. It should have been a Conservative win and Canadians know it and the NDP know it.

  2. If Canada is so important what took him so long to get here. His speech sounded more like an advertisement to buy Made in america products.

  3. there must be a lot of sore knees in Ottawa tonight. All those politicians jumped to their feet at least once a minute for half an hour.

    1. 2 of 3 of my sister’s live in California and Portland so yes now many relatives live in many other states – so yes family in both nations

  4. When the Conservatives started hearing about unions around 12:46, the clapping of hands on their side slowly stopped. hahahahaha

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