Biden to Howard graduates: January 6 insurrection put ‘dagger at throat of democracy’ #Shorts

President Joe Biden gave the commencement address at Howard University, telling graduates that American history “has not always been a fairy tale.”

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    1. They had Brandon present for the same reason Harvard had an office in their school for Jeffery Epstein.

  1. Show us the intelligent young black lady that had “Biden and Harris don’t actually care about black people” written on her graduation cap. That was the only correct statement made during the whole ceremony.

    1. @icarusfxit’s a video about Biden. To mention others only pertains to yourself, and what’s on your mind. Not the world. And certainly not the video itself. What a weird thing to say

    2. @icarusfx u can’t see the forest for the trees, ain’t you late for your trans story telling?

    3. ​@icarusfx you sure don’t. He doesn’t spend time lying to the American people. This fella on the other hand…

    1. The human body is created to walk forward not backwards. He always repeats the same crap from last year’s graduation class.

  2. A speech from the most popular president in American history getting 10 times as many dislikes as likes seems awfully sus to me.

  3. This guy couldn’t find his butt in the dark if you let him use both hands and a flashlight

    1. Think about how the West Point Cadets must have felt with Kamal speaking at theirs. Gosh this truly is a messed up world.

    1. Yes, but We The People aren’t doing anything about it. It takes many, not just one to come up w/ a solution.

  4. Biden eked out 1.9% like rate for this video; meanwhile Trump garnered 35% like rate for his Mother’s Day address. Remember, Biden was the reason that dislikes aren’t tabulated anymore.

    1. you can add the like and dislike ratio back with a link
      he has 2.5k dislikes and 400 likes on this video

    2. trump gets very good like to dislike ratios nowadays, biden gets terrible ratios even on left media sources. 81 million votes though 🤔🤔

  5. There should be more January 6 going on put the fear on these politicians who think they’re above the people

  6. I saw the Shaman King being escorted around the capitol building like he was President himself. Earlier than that, the only guy I saw telling people that they have to “go into the capitol” got legendary plot armor.

  7. Calling the United States a democracy is one of the funniest things I’ve heard in a long time

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