Biden to pardon federal convictions for marijuana possession | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden announced steps he's taking to reform marijuana laws, including pardoning 6,500 people with federal possession convictions.

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"Too many lives have been upended because of our failed approach to marijuana," Biden said in a video announcement. "It’s time that we right these wrongs."

Biden is also asking the departments of Justice, and Health and Human Services to review how marijuana should be scheduled under federal law.

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  1. I mean, good, but empty gesture if they aren’t going to legalize it federally and I’ve seen no indication they’re doing that. Cynically, this is very convenient timing right after the Saudi decision which is going to spike gas prices again right before midterms.

    1. I think that he is definitely in the move right now to federally decriminalized, because think about it if he is pardoning, going to jail/prison for marijuana for personal use then that means that he is going to decriminalize it more than likely right before midterms in a couple of weeks. This is just one of the first steps I wouldn’t be surprised if by next week he will make an announcement that marijuana will be fully decriminalized, unless you are ntransporting it to another country or selling it to under age children.

    2. He can’t legalize without congress, do you really think the GOP are gonna vote for a marijuana legalization bill? I’m sure there are even some Democrats who would vote against it. Its been proposed multiple times by congressmen but it never passes.

  2. the cartel will just focus on harder drugs like cocaine, heroin and Fentanyl. So you would rather them sell more coke, heroin and Fentanyl? Legalizing pot will do it. Pot is also a gateway drug for harder drugs. Well, legalizing pot gets more votes than a Jimmy Buffett concert.

    1. @Muff Diver well if that’s true I’m glad he was able to become president and correct that decision. That takes real humility

    2. Former Vice President Joe Biden defended his support decades ago for a controversial crime bill, saying in a speech in South Carolina, “There’s another part of my long record that’s being grossly misrepresented: the 1994 crime bill.”

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  4. Australia cant even legalise it in one state. Time to help us move forward considering we followed you into prohibition!

  5. Thank God, it’s about time they did this. I’m a pretty conservative guy and I support the decision 110%.

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