Biden To Restrict Flights From India Amid Covid Surge | MSNBC 1

Biden To Restrict Flights From India Amid Covid Surge | MSNBC


The Biden administration has announced that it will begin restricting flights from India as the country grapples with a surge in Covid-19 cases and deaths. NBC's Kristen Welker reports from the White House.
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    1. Yup, as opposed to a President saying that, “It will just DISAPPEAR !”.. You’re absolutely right !

  1. Please help India with their covid problem they need to wear masks they need to distance themselves do as us Americans and the people in London. Otherwise a big circle we will never get this disease in good order .

    1. @Bri 033 To “fight” this virus, wear a mask, wash your hands, stay apart, STAY AT HOME – that’s not “technology”, simple rules “fight” this virus but people will still die.  

      Did people in India stay at home or did they attend super spreader events? like the religious events we hear about.

    2. @Jay Gray Yea there was bad leadership allowing those events but even in lockdown, majority of the population lives in overcrowded villages/slums where you can’t distance or wash hands, and most don’t have access to masks. So they’re not really set up to deal with a pandemic well

    3. @Bri 033 really ? That’s why I say help them teach them what we know to get them under control because of we don’t this virus will keep on

    4. @Palbie Co That may be true, but it doesn’t explain all the hugging and close contact I see between mourners when they don’t HAVE to do that. I understand sadness, I’ve lost loved ones, but this is one way the virus spreads quickly. People aren’t making any attempt to stay apart, masks don’t make hugging safe. Water isn’t needed to clean hands, but hand sanitizer isn’t being provided either. 

      I think people in India are usually left to deal with things on their own. I don’t have faith in the leadership. They’ve had at least a year to supply people adequately with masks and hand sanitizers. As it is, it looks like medical staff don’t even have proper protection.

    1. @AllNiteLemonade I said I don’t.what part did you not understand. And saying you people is trying to shift your fear on me .I fear no god because I don’t believe in god I fear no man because I just don’t care

    2. @Mutton Chops I only talk about what I see and I see a paranoiad
      Person encouraging paranoia with no reason .
      And trying to pretend you’re here for facts

    3. Xeno Joe. Same commies crushed trump for it, now do the exact same thing. It’s pathetic the double standards of the left

  2. The new strain has already spread to several other countries, causing surges in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Maldives.

    1. @AllNiteLemonade It’s my opinion and I should know if I have that opinion, so if I do think that then it’s a fact that I have that opinion. Oh, and there’s a very high likelihood that mutated strains of covid are coming in through the border thanks to Biden’s incompetence. Fact!

    1. @AllNiteLemonade actually it’s true. I have all the evidence I need and more than happy to share it with anyone who’s interested. Fact!

  3. This restriction should have been done a long time ago. I live in a town that now has a giant population of people from India. They are a lovely people as a whole, but their culture is to gather on a very regular basis, to share food and news. These weekly gatherings have not stopped.

    For some reason, they are of the belief that if they are family, it’s okay to be in close proximity to one another, nevermind that they live in separate households.

    They also think that sitting down at a picnic table is a kind of timeout– that they are allowed to sit 8-10 people at a table, shoulder to shoulder. They think it’s fine to let kids wear their parent’s masks to play with other kids on the playground. And the biggie is that it’s traditional to go back to India for a few months each year. None of this makes for stopping the pandemic.

    1. @Bat Boy blaming your actions on what someone else said is what got society where it currently is.

    2. @Leslie Standifer – – facts already in history books:
      1) Trump mishandled the virus outbreak into the USA
      2) He lost the election
      3) He is a twice impeached, disgraced, one term president.
      4) He is voted the worst president in history by 157 political scholars.
      5) And that is why the Democrats control both the House and Senate today.

      You’re welcome

    3. @Mr. B Joe Biden has bent six ways to Sunday to be fair to everyone. He’s made this move to help protect Americans, but at the same time he’s doing his part to help in the fight for the whole world’s peoples.

      Joe Biden is not a racist, but might be the first president in decades to make a real difference.

    4. Man, my family does all that gathering, crowding, eating together etc., and they’re white. It’s part of Okie culture too. I have largely avoided family events except for major holidays, but I see a lot of people doing it, regardless of race or culture. People think “but, it’s *family* so it’s ok.” My mother has traveled out of state 3 times since the pandemic began (and in the first trip last March, before we all knew how bad this was going to be or any restrictions were in place, she took my son with her, and he brought COVID home with him, so he and I had to quarantine for several weeks).

    1. I agree .. should be in effect now.
      How you gonna enforce quarantine?
      What if they test positive and are American citizens .. can they still get on flight?
      Not enough info in this video!

    1. Yeah I don’t think America understands that we’re going to need all these supplies in 6 months

    1. @AllNiteLemonade that’s funny I though election fraud lost him the election…
      Well don’t I feel the fool.

    2. @Tom Batman election fraud? When did that happen? Never saw any proof of that, and obviously nothing in court was proven or else we would know it… hmm

    3. @AllNiteLemonade of course you never saw any proof because you walk through life with ur eyes closed to the truth.

  4. Well we’re going to need all over supplies for self and America in about six months trust me

  5. One thing is for certain, if the media stops talking about something the American people will forget all about it and start a new narrative.

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