Biden To Set New 200 Million Vaccine Goal In First Press Conference | MSNBC

NBC News Chief White House correspondent Peter Alexander previews the president’s first press conference. Aired on 03/25/2021.
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Biden To Set New 200 Million Vaccine Goal In First Press Conference | MSNBC


  1. I finally got my 1st shot March 19th. What a relief! Can’t wait for the 2nd dose. No side effects felt like the flu shot I get every year.

    1. @C G here’s the difference between you and me C G. I would fight to the death for your right to choose. I choose and you attack me.

    1. @dave dennison We’ve all heard that one before
      Can’t you commies come up with anything remotely original
      But thanks for underscoring my point about your boring nature

  2. Well I’m sure with his ability to manipulate numbers, they won’t have any issues getting to the 200 million. Shoot they might make it even 500 million by the time that they’re done. Just wait until about the hours of two in the morning and five in the morning on the final evening of the count

    1. On Trump’s last day of office they administered 1.3 million shots and they were consistently injecting at least 1 million a day in the days leading up to the end of Trumps term. Therefore, if there was 0 progress from the end of Trumps term, we still would have surpassed Biden’s “goal” of 100 million doses in his first 100 days. And considering the vaccine distribution was in its infancy during Trump’s last day’s, to think you wouldn’t naturally become more efficient in the coming months is absolutely ludicrous. Not to mention it takes 100 day’s to manufacture each (at least for the Pfizer and Moderna when they first started to be produced, which probably would have been reduced since, I would imagine) shot of the vaccine, which means every shot injected during Biden’s first 100 days was produced during Trumps administration. Biden has 0 influence on the vaccine thus far nor it’s distribution. Yet he stands there bragging, and people fall for it.

    2. @Greg Tufaro wrong about that one. it takes 2-6 weeks to go from a raw materials to a vaccine in a syringe. all it takes is google man

    3. @Ethan Howell yeah google…the place feeds you ever single lie that you believe in. The place that changes definitions of words so they no longer have the meaning they’ve had for centuries. When are you going to learn that google is a lie. That being said it is possible that it takes 6 weeks at this point since they have probably gotten better and have more access to materials than they did towards the beginning. Either way they still have to use all the vaccines that were going into peoples arms when Biden start touting “his accomplishments” a few weeks ago were ALL made during trumps administration. At this point it is possible that some of the vaccine began production under his administration, however exactly 0 amount of credit for those vaccines is to Biden. In fact he was one of the many who said there was no way we could have them by now. Prior to Trumps warp speed program vaccines took a minimum of FIVE YEARS to reach the public. So instead of clicking on the first thing that pops of your “easy google” search, why not take the time to do some real research for yourself? But you’ll probably just accept what your told, because it’s what you want to hear. Maybe you’ll believe this Anti-Trump publication.

    4. @Ethan Howell it had been all ready, frozen, and waiting for Biden to take office- the fix was in on this circus. They rather American people suffer than Trump get any credit. So they sat on it!
      Don’t be fooled by that pre-staged theater!

  3. Biden is like the groundhog…. came out for a presser, saw his shadow, and it’s back to the basement for another two months.

  4. yea and where did the rest of the money go joe? into you and your swampster political buddies pockets. wow 1400$ for each qualifying American.what a covid package. crooks

  5. Poor man is cognitively incapable of doing the job…. our enemies are watching … yikes! Begs the question of who is really running the show?

    1. Ethan Howell and Day-fi think Biden organized the vaccine in the last 60 days. Lol. No …that was the high achievers in the Trump Administration.

    2. @Ethan Howell You should have been paying attention to what Trump was actually doing instead listening to this fake lefty propaganda.

    1. @dave dennison are you saying that he didn’t vote for Biden because he’s not an American citizen, and therefore it would be illegal for him to participate in an American election? Which I whole heartedly agree with
      Are you saying SHHH (Mr. Migrant, who’s possibly not a citizen) don’t tell anybody that you commited fraud and voted for Biden anyway.
      Cause those are two drastically different things.

  6. When Biden isn’t having dementia, he’s lying.

    1. He says we rank “…85th in the world in infrastructure,” then he says 60 seconds later, “…we rank 13th globally in infrastructure,” which is it? Wanna check those notes again there Joe?
    2. He says people come to the border in significant numbers, “…January, February, March…it happens every year” So he’s denying a border surge under him (LIE) The truth is border detentions from 2/20/20 to 2/20/21 is up 174%.

    What a joke.

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