Biden to SOTU hecklers: ‘They sure didn’t like me calling them on it’ | USA TODAY

During a trip to Wisconsin, President Joe Biden addressed Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and others who heckled him during the State of the Union.
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  2. Focusing on a few as if they represent the whole group IS dishonest. On a side note- somehow these programs need review before they go into financial ruin in the next few years & no money is left to distribute.

    1. Exactly. I don’t get what’s so hard for ppl to understand. Programs will be getting cut no matter what, why not act soon as possible so we actually have a say in how it gets cut

  3. And it takes Rand Paul to fight for us seniors. I’ve never heard a liberal say anything positive about helping seniors.

    He’s starting his deflection campaign.

    1. @Too-old Forthischet you should live in Ohio rand Paul’s state has a low cost of living compared. Isn’t that Kentucky?

    2. @Steven Johnson yup, he’s a senator from Kentucky. He’s always finding and bringing forth the frivolous spending of government. I’m a really old fart and set in my ways so I draw a line in the smog and complain about Commiefornia.

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