Biden Will Let Putin ‘Know What I Want Him To Know’ In Speech Abroad

During the first stop in his first foreign trip, President Biden declared “the United States is back” to a crowd of air force personnel in Suffolk, United Kingdom. Biden also teased his meeting with Russia’s President Putin, hinting he would “let him know what I want him to know.”

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  1. I’ve sent a few of seditionists to the hospital. You can too! Wish flights to Moscow were free

  2. The GREEN DEMON of the American bad dream “The good pain not the bad pain see” green demons and the masterful art of authoritative sado masochism

  3. This one has been heating up for some time now… Though if they each give the other a piece of their mind and say what they really feel I think that’s going to reduce the chances of a conflict in the longer run…

    1. I put myself first which is very common and it is what America first boils down to; if you are going to vote for someone to help you, and the country, would you vote for a guy who thinks he should be first or would you be wise to vote for the guy who puts the needs of others first?
      You can only imagine how messed up your thinking is going to be when you reach Joe Biden’s age.

  4. General Ratko Mladic will remain in prison for life, the international tribunal in The Hague ruled on June 8, 2021.

  5. Wow !
    Only EMPTY WORDS !
    “Know what i want him to know ” ??!!
    So this is very clever message to ppl …

    We call it DEMAGOGY. Emptiness of words.

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