Biden Works To Restore U.S. Credibility On World Stage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC 1

Biden Works To Restore U.S. Credibility On World Stage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


Ben Rhodes, former deputy national security advisor under President Obama, discusses the contrast between Donald Trump's foreign policy perspective and President Joe Biden's renewed emphasis on American global leadership and the importance of strong international alliances. Aired on 02/2O/2021.
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Biden Works To Restore U.S. Credibility On World Stage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. @Ver Coda If someone needs to sell their civil liberties to be liked by clueless evil sheep like yourself then it’s a no-brainer. No one needs trash like you to like them.

    1. @notdevin right. So i read the article. And i still say its all bs. What has he done to “push back” on russia and china? From the looks of nothing. And it still does not answer the overall question of why could he not just out right condemned the actions of china right now. Its not hard to say thats bad. But like Germany we get toooooo much money from there. So cant bite the hand.

    2. @justcuzim jordan
      It’s just those good ol’ “cultural differences.” Why didn’t FDR not think about that?! How DARE he get in the way of those culturally different yatzees?

    1. @David Drake Right. It’s better to just leak oil in the ocean. Why not? Who needs marine life anyway? Land is where it’s at.

  1. Credibilty , a president put in office by fraud who hides behind a ring of steel and military. The rest of the world see it for what it is

    1. @Stephen Kershaw It’s safe to say the media has kid gloves with uncle joe. Even his Vice President prosecuted him on stage for being a racist in a very captivating performance I might add.
      When pressed Kamala cackled oddly and laughed disturbingly

    2. @Truth Be Told there’s absolutely no evidence of such. It is true he’s a lot more popular than someone like Trump ever was and so far he’s only been in the position to do good, but there will come a time where there will be adversity and he will be grilled like any other president you can almost set your watch to it

    3. @Stephen Kershaw 62 percent approval rating? Lol. Ok sheep keep believing the fake polls. Maybe 62 percent of Democrats were polled but that is a partisan poll then. That was a peaceful protest at the Capitol. They were lucky they weren’t removed by force. That time is coming if neccessary as they are useless career politician hacks

    4. @Chauncey W all the people that lost their jobs in Democrat led cities and states because they forced a lockdown. F them too

  2. I don’t believe any of our credibility was lost but if getting it back means sending more of my money overseas then no thanks.

    1. @Horse Teeth Actually, the world loved Trump, a lot. No one was laughing at us under Trump, especially not America’s enemies. However, they are laughing now that they have won and America has lost.

    2. Media tells them world laughing ! Meanwhile Europe Denmark Diana many other Countries are protesting weekly against to Tony and lockdowns and tyranny ! They want us to know don’t do what we did ! Refugees in some countries make it a cultural war in some neighborhoods !

    3. @Paul Drusbasky As a European actually living in one of those European countries, a fellow NATO member, long time partner and ally of the US – trust me. US was the unreliable, untrustworthy, tragic-comedy’esque laughing stock of the world under Trump. There is _very_ much trust lost. Re-earnng that trust is gonna take decades, to demonstrate that America’s word, partnerships and alliances can be relied upon to last more than 4 years at a time before one single American suddenly doesn’t feel like it one day. We would much rather have the US return to be a trusted, reliable partner and ally, but after the last 4 years, we’ve also learned to do ok _without_ the US. And honestly, the world would rather move on without the US as a partner and ally, than have it be one that we cannot trust and rely upon. It’s better in the long run to live alone, than live together with an unstable, unreliable, violent sociopath.

    1. Well being the European leaders and all the G35 countries trust him more than dementia Donnie. I’d say your comments not only ignorant but pretty stupid and unfounded. No one respected Trump, everyone laughed at that clown

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