Biden’s Next Big Job? Selling The Covid Aid Bill To America | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

The president got his Covid aid bill passed. Now the White House faces the big job of selling the plan to the nation. We talked to Eugene Daniels about that. Aired on 03/12/2021.
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Biden's Next Big Job? Selling The Covid Aid Bill To America | The 11th Hour | MSNBC



    1. @Kevs2good The people probably accept the stimulus payment but that is being construed into wanting the overall bill which is NOT desired .

  1. This was in my recommended & I decided to give the “other side” a chance & hear them out.

    I have never been more disappointed more in my life.

    1. @danley A lot of these people are aware of how it works. They supported Trump’s refusal to pass Covid relief without a repeal of Section 230. They’re just blatantly hypocritical. Just look at them saying 78 is too old to be president, but they’re willing to vote for Trump in 2024… which would make him 78.

    2. @danley Thank you mentioning the most important part of your reference which was what you consider actual “progress”. Conservatives realize that quick and unvetted change is dangerous which is a lesson wise men have learned long long ago and held close. People who jump to change often end up regretting it later while there is normally little to lose by being cautious and patient. These are the reigns which steer the quality of progress as progress can just as easily be made in the wrong direction which is why you omitted it I imagine. Your current “progress” includes laying off over 10,000 workers from day one, passing a law that says your daughter has no say as to what men decide to join her in the restroom or changing room or to compete against her in physical competition. Not having a single press conference in like..forever and reopening the boarder to an estimated 100000 illegal virus carrying immigrants composed of illegaly trafficked women bound for prostitution and children probably bound for the same thing or worse. Not to mention looming war and a nation deficit swept under the rug to make way for the larges tax grab in history. If your not afraid of your own party I imagine you have no idea why the Republican base is in fear of you. It’s because there is no one more dangerous than a fool. Your new president is proof of that if you needed it.

    3. @M Weston All those things you mentioned are valid issues. Yes, many people lost their jobs because the Keysyone Pipeline was scrapped. Yes, Trans-women in sports is complicated. Yes, there is an influx of undocumented immigrants at the moment. The problem is that you don’t afford these issues the nuance and good faith discourse they deserve. You let Republican talking heads and religious dogma spook you into an emotional reaction. I know why the Republican base is fearful of Democrats, and progress in general. No, it’s not because we’re fools. It’s because it is the Republican Party prerogative to sow fear.

    4. @Jimmie Swindle how is he trying to sell it? I’m so confused I’m sorry if I’m asking simply questions lol

    1. @Bake and Shake go ahead, nobody’ll stop you. Still doesn’t change the fact that you’re an idiotic, racist, spineless amoeba. But that’s the beauty of america. You can be all of those things.

  2. Wow…..if Biden wants to get a message out why doesn’t he do press conferences? State of the Union? 😂😂😂

    1. @Ben Derover
      You are exactly correct. The democrats control the house and senate.
      We agree there. Now, a question: Why are the democrats in control of the house and the senate?
      What happened? Why did the republicans lose control?

    2. @Ben Derover
      I’m not saying the democratic party isn’t responsible for absurd bills.
      I asked a question. And if you’ll engage me, please opine as to why the democrats took control of both the house and senate, as well as the WH.
      If we’re in the mess we’re in politically, it’s because the republicans showed the nation that they needed to be replaced.
      Some have said that we got Trump because of Obama. It would appear to me that we got Biden *and* control of Congress because of Trump.
      Any thoughts?

    3. @Sensei Tony
      Wow. That’s a new one. Never heard of that theory. Run that up the flagpole. I’m sure the authorities will get right on that.

  3. Congratulations you get $1,400.00 this year and next year you will pay back $5,000.00 in higher taxes.

    1. That Don the Con’s $2T tax cut added $1T/year to the national debt (no it didn’t “pay for itself” with 4-6% GDP). Each taxpayers share of that is $7K/year. Congratulations, your average $800/person “savings” will cost you $7K.

    2. @Land Free Did you miss that the tax cut has and will add an additional $1T per year to the debt… FOREVER or at least until the cuts for average taxpayers expire in a few years.
      Don the Con “the master of debt” added almost $8T to the national debt in his first/last term. Obama added just over $5T in his first. Obama increase was due to a gift from W and Don the Con’s was a disaster of his own making.

    1. @HalfCrazy520 I’ve learned there’s no discussion to be had, with people like yourself. So why waste my time and yours?

  4. Selling this ‘bill’ is the equivalent of trying to sell a dog turd for $100. 10% would then go to the ‘big guy’.

  5. I looked at the comments and realized I dont have to leave a comment everyone else is doing it for me.

    1. @Zolar Czakl from 2018 to 2020 gop picked up 11 house seats…countless state legislature seats…4 state legislatures…yes lost 2 GA senate seats due to voter apathy due to election integrity…many off year elections this year…8 Nov 22 can’t wait yipeeeee 😘

    2. @Jeff Everhart 24? If the time is right it will be someone unknown that will come to the bench and take over.

  6. Democratic playbook: Bribe the scared American population into submission. We are not all so foolish!

    1. @edeltwice “If you can’t do your part to protect America and your family, maybe you aren’t very strong or patriotic after all.

      ” bleating like the good sheep they expect you to be…

    2. Your ignorance on this whole plandemic is astounding. Way to bend over and grab your ankles like a good little sheeple

    1. @sshole says: I’ve seen you on multiple comments trying so hard to defend Biden lmao
      He’s a failure, get over it.

    2. @sshole says: You’re also trying to be a funny troll which you’re a failure at also, I can see why you like Biden.

    1. @Suomy Nona There are many places where it’s broken down and listed. Do your own homework, or a simple google search. Transit projects, funding for Kennedy center, and massive blue state bailouts are a few examples.

    2. @K J Your “few examples” are far short of $1.72T… about $1.7T short. You’re saying only 9% helps America. Prove the other 91% doesn’t. I asked for an Itemized list totaling at least $1.72T. I know what’s in the law, you just think you do.

    3. @Suomy Nona let me guess, you think there should be a 15.00 minimum wage? I’m not doing your work for you, the breakdown of the bill is widely available to read.

    4. ​@K J The government already provides social programs for the working poor that earn the minimum wage and that if a business can prove that paying $15/hr (which would be phased in 4 years) caused a loss that they could apply for a tax credit to offset the loss. The cost of the tax credits would be offset by the reduction in costs of social programs.
      Even as a teen, decades ago, I made more that $15/hr and I don’t know first hand what it’s like to be poor, I believe when you work a full time job, you should make enough to live.
      I have no problem with the minimum wage being adjusted for regional cost of living. It just needs to be a livable wage.

      “I’m not doing your work for you” – the cowards response. What are you afraid of? That you’re wrong. The exercise was for you. I already know you’re wrong. Why else would I wager $1400 for a task you claim is so easy?

    1. @Studley Dewrite well, among the Repugs…. So, now all the followers of traitor IQ45, refuse the $1400 checks and mail it back to President Biden. That should cover IQ45 golf vacations. Lol.

    2. @G. Dittmer you knitwit.
      There surely won’t be no communist Democrats refusing any money, even if they don’t need it.
      You selfish people are not even Americans.
      Go back to your communist-run CNN.

    3. @edeltwice Came in on day one promising $2000 check but gave legalized a bunch of immigrants instead / Instated a catch and release policy and destroyed the agreement between US and Mexico to keep immigrants in mexico while seeking asylum creating a border crisis / Ruined title 9 be letting trangenders into womens sports / Killed the oil industry and millions of jobs / Started a war with syria / Passed a relief bill that gives our tax money to foreign countries and gives chump change to Americans / did I miss anything?

    1. Funny how ‘Sleepy Demntia Joe” stomped loser Donnie. And has a positive rating 15 points higher than tRump ever had.

    2. @Paul Hickey Playing coy.

      Okay then. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you think Harris should be sitting behind that desk in the Oval.

    3. @Paul Hickey Unbelievable question dodging, with one extremely believable statement.

      You’ve responded twice and still given no real answer, so I assume I was correct to begin with: You have no objective, only weak insults. Consider for just one moment why you would evade my questions, and remember that feeling the next time you want to believe yourself to be an honest person.

    4. @edeltwice “Your kind,” sounds quite a bit like a sweeping generalization. The expression suggests you feel somehow superior to Paul’s “kind,” as if you know Paul as a person. What is your goal with this post? It seems like you’re trying to publicly display your supremacy to Paul, through your wokeness,. Is that it?

  7. Who’s here for the comments? Gezz thought the most popular President in American history would fair better.

    1. Since you’re here for the comments, I have to ask what Gezz means, and you mean “fare” better. Just commenting.

    2. @Nihabz
      Hahahahaha. King of OZ? You mean Wizard of OZ. But you’re stupid and Trump likes you just that way.

    3. @sshole says: $1400 don’t mean much and it’s not worth getting when the cost of what else is in that bill takes more from Americans. Do you think it’s just a stimulus check bill? Please look into past what the box on ur wall tells u to think.

    1. @John Doe Speaking of childish and bullish did you read your comment before you posted it?? attacking a man with a speech impediment ???? His brain is perfectly marvelous unlike crazy agent orange. So before you call my comment childish, read yours!!! PATHETIC!

    2. @John Washburn by printing more money, which is like a runaway freight train at this point, whatever you, I, and all other Americans make is going to get absolutely destroyed with inflation.

      People need to have rainy day funds, yet they spend every dime they have and then when the rainy day comes, they are happy when the government prints more “free money”. It’s truly appalling, personal accountability is dead.

    3. @Trinacria Nelcuore he is slurring all of his words. He wanders around on stage. He won’t have a press conference. He often says gibberish/nonsensical things. These are NOT signs of a speech impediment. Go back to when he was VP, and compare those speeches to now.

      The proof is in that he will never stand up there like previous presidents and take questions from the press. He can barely read a teleprompter at this point. Turn off CNN and MSNBC and do some independent research and you will see.

    4. @John Doe so sad that you see his stuttering, a speech impediment he has had all his life as a negative, you must be so perfect!! If you are looking for perfection in any human you will be waiting a long long time.

    1. @omi god the only homicide/murder that day was when the capitol cop shot into the crowd of protesters and killed and unarmed woman.

    2. @fah q It’s really a shame more of the Capitol police force wasn’t armed that day. They could have dealt with the mob more effectively.

    3. @omi god What point are you trying to make…none of that really matters. First president to be acquitted twice, first president to not start new wars, first president to make significant progress on peace in the Middle East, first president to be nominated for 4 Nobel peace prizes, first president to actually secure the border, first president to make us energy independent, first president to fight China currency manipulation and unfair trade practices, first president to actually try to do what’s in America’s best interests.

    4. @omi god Trump has reached 50% approval, and higher. But approval ratings don’t even matter when the leftist media do nothing but lie and propagandize 24/7.

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