Biden’s second State of the Union likely cover economy, police reform | USA TODAY

President Biden's second State of the Union will likely cover the economy and police reform. He will face challenges from Republicans in a split House.

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Democrats and Republicans found themselves on Sunday morning pressed over the suspected Chinese spy balloon that was shot down off the South Carolina coast.

The balloon debacle comes ahead of President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address where he's expected to lay out his administration's priorities for the remainder of his term and give America answers about what his political future holds.

“The operation took place without any damage or injury to any American lives or property,” said Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on CNN’s State of the Union, defending the White House over the balloon.

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    1. @Skankhunt36 seriously? You have to ask “how is it bad”??? Have you been in a coma since 2020 or have you just had your head in the sand since then? You don’t see how bad it truly is?

  1. Police reform won’t prevent a Tyre Nicols type of incident. You will not find what those officers did in any police training or manual. The training isn’t a factor because they didn’t follow it!

    1. What’s interesting is how NOBODY has brought up that 3 of those black officers had apparent ties to the vice Lords gang

    1. @Shawn M Magas aren’t Republicans, but they are the people who constantly sow division, and hate any type of unifying American actions.

    2. @Skankhunt36  And what have the unholy trinity the Democrat party, the corrupt leftist collusion propganda media, and big tech did to sow division? The whole Russian collusion hoax didn’t divide the country? The fake whistle-blower and impeachment didn’t divide the country? What about the attack on at the time 16 year old Nick Sandmann by the corrupt media all because he was wearing a MAGA hat? What about Twitter blocking the account of the New York Post coverage of Hunter’s laptop? Twitter, without any evidence, said the information on the laptop was hacked material. It’s the unholy trinity that is dividing the country.

    3. Nothing is Built
      Nothing is Back
      Nothing is Better
      Everything is Worse!
      The jobs he keeps claiming are low paying jobs that were lost over COVID and the people retired or decided to never come back! Or were fired for refusing to get vax by an experimental drug!

    1. @David Daniel horrific grammar aside, you think the best economy in US history is somehow weakening America?

    2. @Skankhunt36 This is the best economy in US history?? Way to prove you are a bot or 3 letter agency employee.

    3. @Skankhunt36 Did you watch the video at all? 80% of people are worst off with Bidumb and the democrats in charge. Go try gaslighting someone dumber than you. Maybe that’ll work.

  2. Will he talk about the mass layoffs that happened after the mid terms from Google, Microsoft, FB, and Amazon?

  3. The state of the union needs to be given by the people because none of our elected leaders seem to have any clue what’s going on in this country.

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  5. Just gonna watch it to NOT see the former drunk of the house sitting behind sleepy clapping like a deluded seal 🤪

    1. Nancy won’t be seated behind Biden. The current, more honest, and better in all regards, Speaker of the House will be.

  6. I hope he tells the story of how he was about to beat a black man with a fist of chains as a crowd of blacks wildly applaud.

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  8. If workers struggle for higher wages, this is hailed as “social gains”, if businessmen struggle for higher profits, this is damned as “selfish greed”.

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