1. With EVERYTHING Sir Elton has gone thru in his life and accomplished, putting a spotlight on the ills of the world, his work towards raising awareness and his many fundraising efforts for farmers, starving people’s of the world, and aids research…. No one DESERVES it More…. Thank You President Biden for honoring this kind and Gentle MAN… It honors you too for recognizing his hard work …

    1. It does my heart good to see a person who has fame and fortune never losing sight of what really matters in this world. “How wonderful life is, while you’re in the world”. Thank you!

    2. @stadtfahrplan Well, I see your point but at the same time you have to think Elton is using his celebrity to reach millions with his message and he’s doing the work …He could be like a Kardashian and not give a damn about anyone but himself. But he isn’t. He’s actually giving a damn. And that’s what makes him great.

  2. Well deserved for this icon & giant of an artist & humanitarian. I’m SO fortunate to have grown up with his wonderful catalog of timeless music. Respect. 🙏🏽

  3. He has done more for AIDS awareness, fundraising, and decades of tireless devotion to the cause/cure than anyone else has. Well deserved.

    1. You know, it’s actually kind of sad that the truth has been hidden and lies have been taught to an entire generation of kids.

    2. @jim perkins You are a traitor supporting quisling… but don’t worry, your side is quickly dying out though sheer stupidity 😀

  4. “Legend” isn’t enough to describe the kind of person Elton John is.

    This is a very well-deserved award for a man who is not only a phenomenal musician but a caring human being who gave back to the world and has been working extremely hard with his foundation to fight HIV/AIDS. In times like these, we need a world that is guided by love and care, rather than blinded by fear and hate.

    Thank you, Sir Elton, for everything. I look forward to seeing you perform live in 2 weeks.

    1. @DGiovanni Having a parade is legal and a constitutional right … it’s called Freedom of Speech. At least they don’t break in and desecrate the US Capitol building.

  5. When the rest of the world forgot, he remembered. Thank you Sir Elton John for your fierce kindness and determination.

  6. This brought me to tears.
    No one on earth has fought so hard to protect those with dignity who have AIDS.
    Sir Elton John has given us decades of such sheer joy with his wonderful music.
    And his humble gratitude is so endearing:)
    Thank you President Biden.

    1. Biden also said he’s to blame for 6 billion taxpayer dollars being spent on aids research….at this speech, look it up

  7. In 1972, Rocket Man, Tiny Dancer and Crocodile Rock were released– 50 years ago and they’re still relevant today. The man is a musical genius and wonderful humanitarian. 🤩

  8. Well deserved! He has shown so much compassion and fought to hard for people that didn’t have a voice. He also gives us his voice. I will never forget him playing at Princess Diana’s funeral such heart felt love, He has also given us a playbook or our lives with his songs. Thank You Sir Elton John. I look forward to seeing you in November here in Phoenix.

    1. A lot of people will probably make this about Biden but I don’t think Elton Jon would care what president handed it to him😂

  9. Sir Elton John is one of the greatest souls to ever Bless our World. This was a great moment to see, thank you for broadcasting it. Love, Love, Love Sir Elton John!

  10. What a trip, I was singing ”sad songs” all day while working!! Good for him, he deserves it!! Congrats Sir Elton!!

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