Bill de Blasio: Distinctions Will Come Out In A One-On-One Dem Race | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Bill de Blasio: Distinctions Will Come Out In A One-On-One Dem Race | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Will Sen. Sanders have a tough time of catching up to former VP Biden after Super Tuesday? David Wasserman discusses new reporting and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio shares his thoughts. Aired on 03/05/20.
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Bill de Blasio: Distinctions Will Come Out In A One-On-One Dem Race | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Thank you Ant Man. What we need is candidates and pundits that using sci-fi characters for their on line personas. You know, some one you can relate to

    2. Patty Kelly his point is valid. Being dismissive for superficial nonsense adds nothing to the debate.

    3. @gavin crump why is his point valid? These are the people running for President. That’s why MSNBC, and other networks are covering them. Should they just interview random people who better fit his age requirements?

    1. She’s normally good actually. It’s a little hacky what she tried to do there but it’s great that she gave him an opportunity to clarify.
      Otherwise the Twitter verse would have been abuzz with faux outrage

    1. Funny, how all states where Biden won were done counting so quickly, and states where Bernie won are still not there.

    2. @Milan Podbevšek not funny, it’s by design. …
      Or just a coincidence, for those who believe in coincidences like this.

    1. @dwj77 The question is are you getting republican votes because they agree with you or because you are running as a republican?
      What’s the point of winning for democrats if they just end up being 2000 republicans?

    1. Bernie needs the youth to come out.. but I think they are so jaded by the system, they aren’t doing it! the progressive stations aren’t being nice to Bernie either.. he needs the next debate to happen tonight and it’s not.. he’s going to struggle in the next election which happens before the next debate unless his ads start hitting the right notes and people pay attention.. if not.. we may have another 4 years of trump ahead of us.. that is if we survive another 4 years.

    1. Well, if he’s the nominee and you dont vote for him you hand the win to trump. I’m sure we will all sleep well for the next 4 years just knowing your principles are in tact. Thanks

    2. @dwj77 Is absolutely right. If you don’t Go w/Joe, you’re essentially voting for Trump. Bernie will lose to Trump, and if he were the candidate -taking back the senate? -no. Holding the House -not likely.

    3. @Chris Worthington I get what Joe Scarborough is saying in normalization JEEZUZ Trump is 1st U.S. President w/ closed meetings w/ Putin oh I forgot his 3rd wife also sits in. He fires experts because they disagree & Bill is NY C & I’m also California but travel for work across the globe especially down South & his base; is out of control w/ the racism. Yes this is America it will never leave but its on steroids w/ this guy. We need a happy medium. McConnell, Graham, etc dont care because he’s aligning their pockets! They dont will not trust Bernie & will try to block anything coming from him unless they also get eliminated!

  1. Bill is right. Biden ‘s clock was cleaned in states where people have seen him campaign. He seems to have benefited from people not having a recent memory of him

  2. They were trying to put trigger words in bill’s mouth that he never said. It’s almost entrapment

  3. Mayor Bill de Blasio makes a good point at ~ 7:09 regarding people now being able to compare the policies of President Trump, Former VP Biden, and Senator Sanders side-by-side.

  4. “Nothing fundamental will not change” : I think it can be an excellent election slogan that will sweep msnbc staff to vote for joe biden .

    1. Neither Democrats nor Republicans want Bernie’s socially fascist “revolution”.
      That’s why he is losing… Democracy is triumphing.

  5. You know things are very bad when Republicans and billionaires feel at home in a party traditionally casting itself as a party of the working class.

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