Bill Nye Speaks On Congress And The Future of the Environment 1

Bill Nye Speaks On Congress And The Future of the Environment


The Biden administration will not be selling out the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for oil and gas drilling. Bill Nye explains why this move is just the first step to a better global future, and previews his Congressional testimony on the threats to our national security brought on by climate change. Don’t worry — we also asked him all about UFOs, and he definitely has an opinion.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Bill Nye Speaks On Congress And The Future of the Environment


  1. UFO means unidentified flying object, not alien flying object. It’s a UFO until it’s identified.

    1. I know right,I keep telling people,if I can’t tell if I’m looking at a helicopter or a small plane,it’s a UFO until I can definitely make it out

    2. I got abducted once by these hot alien chicks. I got probed by them but I’ve since forgotten. I hope the abduct me again.

    3. True, but the connotation has always been aliens. So that’s why they want a new term. Not that it will change what most people thing.

    1. @Fook Republicans lol you guys get advice from this dude and Fauxcheez! Trust the “science.” LMAO

    2. @Fook Republicans what are you, twelve? Bill Nye is to “science” what Pro Wrestling is to “sport.”

    1. Yes, I agree. However, I think SexJunk by Rachel Bloom is explained better by Bill. Have a great day.

    1. He looks great sideways! Did you see him sideways in SexJunk with Rachel Bloom? You sure did. It’s your right!

  2. He’s not a climatologist so why is he testifying before Congress? Oh, to make it look like Congress is doing something.

    1. Years ago I was curious about this guy and I looked up his bio. He worked as a hydraulic engineer for Boeing and he signed the land of your system on 747 I believe. He was also listed in his bio as ‘a Clown.’ I would guess that since he has regained some prominence he has removed the bio.

    2. @John Colen You just hit the nail on the head which is the problem that true science is having to deal with today. We have true replicatable science that has been the standard for centuries. Albert Einstein worked for years on his theory of relativity understanding full well that if his calculations were incorrect, his entire theory would be wrong.
      Today we have these computer models based on false assumptions but their predictions have often times been totally incorrect. The most stupid prediction was that the Arctic would be a free by September 2013. With all of these failures we still have people who believe in what was called catastrophic anthropological global warming, the term was modified during the Obama administration to climate change Because of the pause when the earth did not warm for 18 years which far surpassed the Santer threshold for human activity.
      The Senate will bring this clown in to testify but they will not bring in other noted climate scientist to prove this guy wrong.

    1. Yeah I bet you were sleeping in science class back at school and you got an F- on your Test.

  3. I am not in competition with the world not even my enemy but my good intention is what I hole to now as long as the most high wants me to ooh yes

  4. Bill told congress he wants me to be the first social justice weirdo to land on the dark side of the sun.

  5. Get off oil now as EVs are the way to the future with internal combustion engines like stage coaches.

  6. What about if most of the world”shutdown” for a spell,that would cool the planet what are the statistics on our recent experiment

  7. I would say Billy should stick to children being his audience, but beings that MSM viewers all have the mentality of children, well then I guess he is right at home….

    1. Yes! He is great, such talent with Rachel Bloom, SexJunk. It’s your right, it’s their right.

  8. Please be responsible and get yourself and your family vaccinated as soon as possible! President Biden wants 70% of all America vaccinated by July 4th! Remember that kids 12 and over are now eligible, please be safe and get your vaccine today!

  9. The environment is always changing.and their is nothing you can do about it, God is in charge

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