Bipartisan Vote To Impeach Trump Sets Up Different Kind Of Trial For The Senate | MSNBC 1

Bipartisan Vote To Impeach Trump Sets Up Different Kind Of Trial For The Senate | MSNBC


NBC's Garrett Haake discusses how the bipartisan nature of the vote to impeach President Trump for the second time will set up a different tone as the Senate deals with both the new administration and the president's trial. Aired on 1/13/2021.
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Bipartisan Vote To Impeach Trump Sets Up Different Kind Of Trial For The Senate | MSNBC


    1. @robert guarin definitely not blind, we all saw the millions of videos of you maniacs outing yourselves. thanks for having such a dumb base.

    2. @Suzy Q “Maybe the bleach could be like a cleaning through injection or some other way” ……THE CURE!!!!!!!

    3. @robert guarin “many people have reviewed the week leading up to the Capitol seizure, and they have said, my speech incited that incident, people died because of my actions, which I enjoyed immensely”…. DJT Yes, he sent them all to the Capitol promising he would be there… he wasnt…. yes, he was overjoyed to see it turn into chaos… yes, he told the seditionists “we love you”….. and yes, when it became clear he could be held accountable, he then told them “you will pay”…. of course they will, he has never cared about anyone but himself….

    1. I’m from NY & NOBODY wants him back. Most NYer’s wanted him gone in the mid 1970’s. He can’t go to Florida…
      Sing Sing has room.

  1. Thank You Jesus.
    Now Trump will not be able to be in Politics.

    1. @Shaun Mays-Wabinaw, yes! A Democratic Senate this time around, because Moscow Mitch has no balls to bring this Republican Senate back this week. Avoiding having to do anything of value for our Nation. In spite of the impending second coup allegedly planned for next week.

    2. @Aster Lyons You didn’t understand something, actually. Impeachment and removal are separate things, but having 2 impeachments means you are banned from FUTURE politics. That’s not removal it’s prevention.

    1. Guily of treason(definition/penalty and Constitution) and sedition, by definition; Trump, Briggs, Brooks, GOSERT. GUILTY OF SEDITION: CRUZ, HEE HA HAWLEY other CONGRESSMEN. PLENTY OF PROBABLE CAUSE. ARREST, CONVICT, PUT IN PRISON.. EASY CONVICTION NO BRAINER

    2. Secure offices and homes of gosert Briggs Brooks Trump. Declare crime scenes get warrant find incriminating evidence against themselves, other congressman and high ups. Plenty of probable cause. SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE SOME POSITION HAVE THE GUTS TO DO IT.

    3. If trump supporters or the proud girls show up at the capital building on the 20th they must have a death wish

  2. Just recognise that Republicans arguing impeachment would ‘divide the Nation’ as armed Troops sleep in the hallways of power in the very building they’re arguing this. GOP not supporting impeachment are ridiculous!

    1. So basically what you are saying is that the only good republicans are the ones that agree with you, got it!
      I bet you didn’t even watch Trump’s speech that the media claims called for violence but you believe what MSNBC says so there is no need to check for yourself. You’re a bot son.

  3. He called for their heads, and there was only 10 Republicans that voted against him? How absolutely pathetic.

    1. @Jack Riddle You’re crazy if you don’t understand how trump was responsible for the attack on the capitol.

    1. This was a seditious slander spread to promote insurrectionist actions against broad brushstroke figureheads and symbols of power. You all understand the gist of what’s going down.

    1. When you’ve got more impeachment’s on your record than terms it’s probably time to say this isn’t the job for me.

    2. Congratulations, you made history. Trump is the first president to be impeached on completely party lines. This time only 10 out of 211 republicans voted in support of the resolution. That’s 0.047% of republicans compared to 222 democrats, 100% of them. This shows that it was all just political. History won’t be kind to democrats. If they could only get 10 votes in the house, there is no point of sending the vote to the senate. Trump won’t be impeached in the senate.

      Trump was first impeached for the Ukraine call. Turns out he was right about Biden and his corruption. Now he’s impeached for inciting violence because liberals are so stupid, they always believe what the media says and never bother to actually ask if Trump really did call for violence. Read his full Jan 6th speech and you won’t find any call for violence. Not all of us are stupid.

      This might actually be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes people need to get what they want and experience just what it is they wished for. You’ll have the democrats controlling the government for at least 2 years. I hope it is all you wished for bud but I suspect you’ll be very dissapointed.

  4. Mitch needs to get it together. He could have trump gone by the weekend if he wanted. The need is there.

  5. This is the only time trump truly is “the only one” to have achieved something. This IS what history will remember him for.

    1. McCain was actually an American military hero.
      Trump will NEVER be one tenth the man McCain was. History will show up Trump for his lies, his insults, his incompetence, his ignorance, his pettiness, his immaturity.

    2. How about we just wait till tge 17, get him out, save the money and time to help tge homeless.First impeachment was a flop, nothing is achieved by this, its a waste of time even if impeachment passes.

    1. The million dollar question is, just how many Republicans would follow Mitch McConnell? I wonder what Las Vegas thinks.

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