Black Memphians are emotional over footage of Tyre Nichols’ beating | States of America #Shorts

In an emotional moment, Memphis native Bennie Smith explains how he felt when he found out that all of the officers who beat Tyre Nichols were Black. "You know what we go through," he said. "You got the same DNA inside of you."

Watch the full “States of America” episode here:

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  1. This is another Rodney King LAPD verdict case. This kind of history repeats itself too easily.

  2. I’ve been Beaten for racial issues as well . And all my hard earned stuff stolen .bikes .coats Halloween candy . And I’m tiny and white . My school s were a nightmare. Thanks Jimmy Carter and forced bussing. . I pray everyday loke Martin Luther King.

  3. We regularly hear about police beating some one. This has to stop. The best way to stop this is to stop giving police departments more money. Cut the money this will stop these abuses. Go to your city council meetings and ask to be on the agenda. Get the abuses recorded in the minutes of the city council meeting.

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