1. These 👹s have no hue and are jealous. This rice grain of time is all that they have, it will be over soon, Amen.

    1. @James Peter
      Most teachers in elementary schools these days, sadly. Coloured hair. Lessons about pronouns. LGBTQ/BLM/Pride flags all over the classroom.

      You know, more activist than educator.

    2. @PC 4MLC Most teachers in elementary schools these days have colored hair and teach about pronouns, LGBTQ and BLM?? What’s wrong with any of that? You dont think that LGBTQ and Black lives matter? Haha, clearly you dont know what the word “WOKE” means. Poor man.

    3. @James Peter 
      It’s conditioning children to think a certain way and to side with one and only one political ideology, that is to say, left-wing. Again, it’s political activism, not education.

      LGBTQ rhetoric is largely to blame for the massive uptick in depression and confusion amongst younger and younger demographics. It isn’t helping kids at all.

      Of course black lives matter. However BLM as a movement was founded by 4 “trained Marxists” (their words, not mine) and they sought to tear apart the very fabric of traditional American values. It’s also a massive grift. Only a very select few people made off with tens of millions of dollars exploiting people. Of which then moved into mansions in predominantly white neighbourhoods. BLM has done nothing for African American communities.

      So, what is “woke,” then? Please, educate me. I’m dying to know.

    1. @Mark can’t Judge, but we need a better world starting with us that our children can see a better future.

    2. @Rod Meanwhile, another Clinton staffer was just found dead, “from suicide”, while tied to a tree, with a gunshot to the chest, and no gun found

    3. @Constance Taylor We are going backwards, not forwards. Everything my generation accomplished to get rid of racism is intentionally being undone.

    1. Meanwhile black kids in another elementary school beat up white kids who refused to say “black lives matter.”
      Must be a slow day…

    2. When people don’t feel good about THEMSELVES, they always look for something else to punch down on. All that says is someting is wrong with THEIR self esteem.

  1. This is terrible. My daughter was bullied at her very first job because of her skin color. We moved from Colorado to Alabama, and it’s been very hard on her to be judged simply because of her race.

  2. 😠 Damn…There’s a SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL for RACISTS who teach their children to HATE like that !
    God help them all.

    1. @Jack Riddance
      Nope. There are limits to free speech. In this case, I’d cite SCOTUS case of Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire (1942).

    2. @Michael McAuliffe  Just like the fake noose in bubba wallace’s garage And the fake white supremacist that beat up Jessie Smollett. Lol.

      I’m sure you’re the type of person that would teach your kids to make drawings like the ones pictured in this fake news story, but most of the world wouldn’t.

      Please, stop with your fake outrage over this fake news story. 🖕🖕😆😆😆😆

    1. @Mark Nope there was verbal remarks made by the students as well. Not the teacher behind this at all. Totally on the parents of those kids. Hate is a learned behavior.

    2. @Keeping IT 💯
      “I love the poorly educated”
      – Candidate Donald Trump 2016 rally

      Dude you could be guy Trump was talking about .

  3. It’s too bad that we have so many small brained people in America 🇺🇸 today 😕. We are ALL different !! This makes us ALL the same 😊

    1. @L. Medina yes !! 😊 our variety is amazing and BEAUTIFUL 😌! As more people feel the freedom required to liberate their minds I believe our civilization will eventually begin to open its eyes to that beauty 😁. We must stay hopeful and continue to motivate others and lead by example.

    2. @Robert M 👍😁I look forward to the day when our maturity as a species catches up to our technological abilities!!

    3. @Rod give me a break 😂 LMAO , just because Fox “ news “ has an OBNOXIOUS political agenda doesn’t mean that the ACTUAL news companies are pushing an agenda too. Most of our countries “ non-Fox “ affiliated news comes from real journalists who have a little something we call “ INTEGRITY “ 😁. So go on with your twisted dribble because most of us aren’t buying it anyway.

  4. I don’t blame the kid. I would guess that the kid was sitting at home & they prolly told the kid exactly what to write! Absolutely DISGUSTING behavior! They otta take that kid away from those sorry excuses for “parents “! 🤬

  5. Too many people think racism is a Southern problem. It’s an American problem. And it’s generational. Children aren’t born thinking they are less or more because of skin color. Adults and society teaches them that. It’s past time for racism to be a history lesson, not a modern day issue.

    1. ​@Stephanie Johnson Calling racism an American problem is pretty short sighted. It’s more of a human problem.

      Just look at China, they have people in NAZI Germany style concentration camps, based on race and religion.

      America is one of the least racist countries on this planet.

    2. @Stephanie Johnson I’m not the one crying and trying to be a victim. Oh that’s right, you’re white as snow, so I guess you’re just being an advocate, huh? Come back at me when you’ve got skin in the game. The last thing I need is a racism class from a white girl. Hahahahahahahahs the internet never disappoints

    3. @Randy no victimization in any of my statements. But keep grasping at straws, you’ll catch one some day.

  6. “First they came for the Communists, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Communist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up, because I wasn’t a Jew. Then they came for the Catholics, and I didn’t speak up, because I was a Protestant. Then they came for me, and by that time there was no one left to speak up for me.”

  7. This is what you get when you’re business model is built around “Never wasting a good crisis”. You have to manufacture crisis to keep having viewers, like CNN.

  8. A lot of this is going around social media and that is how they are consuming these things. It is SO important to know what your kids are consuming and put up the necessary blocks so they don’t even have access. Also, have open discussions with them if they are hearing these things at school. As someone who works at an elementary school, I see this first hand and it is a real issue.

    1. Right, because this didn’t exist before social-media, right? Kids didn’t bully each other and use race or other traits before the Internet, huh? 🙄

    2. Blocking access to ideas and information (even the hateful stuff) is not a solution. Giving it historical and cultural context through education. Even a well-intentioned sanitization of history will just lead to these things coming back around in the future.

    3. @m I blame all that blm BS. It’s just causing more division. You don’t see the Japanese forcing this shiff on our children now, do ya? M must stand for moron

    4. You literally cannot say anything these days without some one harping on ya 😂 ALL I am saying is I have seen this so much at the school I work at and most of it is coming from what they are consuming on TikTok, etc… Just some two cents from someone who has experienced it first hand.

  9. I don’t know about the rest of you, but giving a child a card depicting them hung from a tree because of their race seems to be a hate crime to me.

  10. the victims should not be made to stay home. the perpetrators should be forced to sit in the corner and write apoloogy letters to the entire class until they understand what they did wrong..

  11. this is horrific.
    a neighbor showed me pictures that kids drew in her brother’s K-6 class; they were alarming. At a glance, the drawings look as if they were derived from ignorance, seemingly without mal intent.

    This is a critical teaching moment for her brother, faculty and administration at the school, (and all K-12 educators).

  12. My heart goes out to these children and parents who, just for the colour of their skin, are hated. So tragic. 🫂🫂🫂

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