1. Liberals caught wasting money and creating crooked policies . Trudeau wants to fire garbage and sweets into one bag . Trudeau now has to come to reality and fast .

  2. Canada political system regardless of which party are totally “Non Canadian” are corrupt.

  3. Gotta say it.. they are the most honest party in cabinet. You know where they always stand

    1. Soldier Veteran have you been living under a rock for the last 4 months? How about the last 4 1/2 years? Trudeau and his government don’t have a clue to what the truth is, they only know how too stand and tell Canadians lies! They have shuffled billions of dollars to where ever only they know where it’s gone along with 20,000 infrastructure projects, that’s not honesty by any stretch of the imagination! Better crawl out from under that rock. 🇨🇦

  4. Bloc Blanchet, the NDP, and the Greens all sided with the Liberals, doing the deal , and criminalizing gun owners with Order in Council. You sided with them and the Liberals assume you will side with them again. You get what you ask for in the deal with the devil. Welcome to communism.

    1. I agree…Trudeau has become a threat to all Canadians..the liberal party and ndp have not spoken out enough of how China is getting their way in this country..we need Trudeau out

  5. As the Liberals no longer have a majority government, that little misfit Blanchet should tell Canadians why he joined a coalition with Trudeau to continue hiding the Liberals scandals and corruption. Canadians deserve to know!

  6. The bloc needs to stop siding with the liberals then. The ndp are just happy to be considered relevent.

  7. Quebec is the only place in the West that will viciously defend their heritage. Come, Antifa, and try to take down some statues in Quebec. You won’t know what hit you.

  8. Justin Trudeau is such a pathetic excuse for a Canadian leader. Pathetic.
    Never forget that during this pandemic Justin Trudeau tried to give himself power that no other prime minister has ever held. TWICE.

  9. Mr Blackface Trudeau is scramming fraud so let check out him and his party for fraud 1st. Plus it was NDP’s idea of giving every one 2,000 dollars right for the start no matter what and then collect it back at tax time if you were not recieve it. The Liberals did not have a plan and stole this idea and just plain messed it up.

  10. Great opportunity for Blankcheque. Now he can say he stood up to trudeeau before resuming his never ending arse kiss!

  11. Scheer and his party started all of this before anyone even applied for the CERB…he wanted to make sure no fraudsters could benefit. Well here we are so how can he backtrack now. Pretty smart move actually by the Liberals.

  12. It’s called more debt meaning more deficit and Trudeau hurt Canada. Bloc is right on prince Trudeau. Wow

  13. We canadains want a vote of no confidence in Justin Trudeau he is the worst leader in Canadian history we Canadians want Trudeau and his liberals out of government now now NOW

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