1. Meanwhile Russia sends ships to carry out exercises of coast of Ireland, & subs, Ireland is non Nato, personally I think Nato has been poking Russia fir so long not its getting a response, we need a deseculation

    1. difference between “looking dangerous” and “being dangerous”.Russia describes military doctrine as defensive military doctrine. With regard to nuclear weapons specifically, Russia reserves the right to use nuclear weapons: in response to the use of nuclear and other types of weapons of mass destruction against it or its allies,in case of aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons when the very existence of the state is threatened.


      google russia deadhand
      The ‘Perimeter’ system, dubbed in the United States and Europe the ‘Dead Hand’, is an automatic control system for a retaliation nuclear strike. To put it simply, if Russia’s territory is devastated after a nuclear attack, the Perimeter system automatically strikes the enemy’s territory with its own nuclear missiles.

  2. Just talk and make so much noise. You want to help Ukrainians but not the Afghans. Double standard. Russia don’t make much noise. They do action.

  3. Becky-馃挅 饾惞**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾挒饾挦 饾憖饾挻 袪饾憛饾煝饾惞饾惣饾惪袝 says:

    Why can鈥檛 Canada produce more oil for our allies and partners ?

    1. Germany buys russia gas/oil on the cheap then resells it in europe, Canada would be expensive so they wouldnt profit from it.

  4. USA: help Ukraine with dialogue or military support 1%
    USA: help Ukraine by selling weapons 100%
    Ukraine: wow we really have a best friend

    1. @脴bi ukrainian here. It was a LOAN. And the loan will be used to support the economy. We have $10bln. Our own defence budget to buy weapons. And $120 mln. Cad its just more like a complimentary help. It won’t change anything. But anyway ukrainians appreciate it a lot.

  5. defence is when you are on the homeland,
    offence is when outsiders want to get puppets to join their ” club”

  6. Where were you When Armenia and Nagorno Karabagh was Attacked by Azeibeijan and Turkey without any notice and killed over 5000 young Armenian soldiers and now Russian troops as so Called Peace keepers in that land. for suppositly 5 + 5 years.

  7. Makes me choke when he mentions how this is affecting Ukraine鈥檚 economy. Take a look within your own borders, if you have borders.

    1. Why does that make you choke? They (russia) have been deliberately messing with Ukraine for a long time. They can’t stomach, an independent and sovereign Ukraine.

  8. Simmy- 馃敟饾悊饾惃 饾悡饾惃 饾悓饾惒 饾悅饾悺饾悮饾惂饾惂饾悶饾惀 [饾悑!饾惎饾悶]馃敒 says:

    And all that the Russian government is asking is to respect the previous agreement which was not to expand NATO closer to the Russian border.

  9. Sharon-饾斀**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝鈩傪潟 饾晞饾晲 袪鈩濔潫橉潝金潟饾晝袝馃敒 says:

    Blinken threatens Putin by giving him his playlists

  10. Zello-饾惞**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾挒饾挦 饾憖饾挻 袪饾憛饾煝饾惞饾惣饾惪袝馃敒 says:

    Blinken threatens Putin by giving him his playlists

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