Bloody Weekend in Jamaica - January 18 2021 1

Bloody Weekend in Jamaica – January 18 2021


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  1. The police sits and waits until these gangs that are known to them, do what they want to do instead of taking the fight to them, rounds up all these gang members, who can’t provide proofs, that they are in school or have legitimate jobs detain every of them.
    We need new prisons to house the criminals.

  2. We tired fi hear what unu intend to do. Is either unu can or cant,and if unu cant just give every citizen legal right to carry a firearm

    1. Give a firearm licence to all Jamaicans?
      With their dUncehall mentality?

      That I would sooooo love to see. Would come in like a cartoon, with the soundtrack…..PESHENGWENGWENGWENG
      There’ll be 17 people left, in about a week

    2. @You Yes You social media has given a lot of people a platform to spew their stupidity. I would love to know how arming everyone would be the solution. Smh. Sighs. How about implementing programs, social development skill, remedial and conflict resolution but no geh dem gun. Smh.

  3. like how you can tell its Jamaican with reporters saying things like snuffed out, sprayed bullets and cronies

  4. Nothing really no one can do it’s Jesus just him the bible say if my people that are call buy my name would humble themselves and pray he will hear from heaven and heal the land of the killing Jesus we need you

  5. Only LOVE can heal our land If we love each other half as much as we try to tear down each other we would see an immense difference in society.

  6. Omg!! 25 ppl!!?? a literally HELL this!? Jah know.. it can’t continue. Gov needs more man power to stop the inflow of guns ASAP!! That’s where the focus needs to be RID THE COUNTRY OF GUNS plus giving these murderers automatic life sentences since uno caah kill a soul.

  7. The government can’t fight crime by themselves. The community need to let police know who the gang members in the community are.

  8. They need video camera at every street light and corner, from uptown to downtown….everywhere! Confiscate everyone who aren’t licensed to own a gun, and take away their knives.

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