1. We don’t need a know it all billionaire in office right now that can’t relate to everyday people. The nerve of these people. You can buy a lot but you can’t buy the American peoples vote and you can’t buy where this country is headed.

  2. He wants to protect his money and he wants to protect his friends money. Don’t vote for a billionaire. They don’t care about you.

    1. So vote for career politicians who somehow became millionairesvote trump or lose everything it’s that simple

    2. Tuna Cat lol YEAH because the other candidates do….if not trump Then I would rather Bloomberg rather than them other throwbacks

  3. This guy want’s the Middle Classes money for his Green Scam….. and take your guns away so he can take all your other rights away….. He’s playing for Globalization and Kings and Queens.

  4. Bypassing the debates and early states with as little accountability as possible. He’s running to represent the wealthy and wall street like he did in NY.

  5. Bloomberg is going to STOMP all the far-left creeps with cash. The DNC was bankrupt until he bought his way in and now the DNC screwed Bernie AGAIN!!

  6. What fun, the Democrats are all totally screwed. The good Americans citizens who voted for this president will again. Also many more independence

  7. “At the End of the Day I’m Going to Track Them Down” – Devin Nunes Promises to Hold Fake News CNN and Daily Beast Accountable (VIDEO)
    Jim Hoft by Jim Hoft November 25, 2019

    Rep. Devin Nunes (D-CA) joined Maria Bartiromo on Sunday Morning Futures this weekend and dropped a BOMB!

    Rep. Nunes said that he will sue CNN and The Daily Beast to federal court after Thanksgiving for their complete smear against him.

    Nunes announced on Friday that he was thinking about suing CNN and The Daily Beast after they ran with fake hit pieces on him meeting former Ukrainian Prosecutor Victor Shokin in Vienna.

    Read more

    On Monday Rep. Devin Nunes joined Sean Hannity and spoke with him about the CNN and Daily Beast hit pieces. Devin Nunes told Sean he is going to “track them down” and “hold them accountable.”

    Thank God for Devin Nunes.
    This guy is a fighter!

  8. LITTLE MICHAEL will have to be given a STEP STOOL if he ever makes it into the DEBATES… Otherwise we would only see the TOP of his LITTLE GNOME HEAD….

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