Blue Jays’ Anthony Bass slams United Airlines over incident with wife

A Toronto Blue Jays pitcher is calling out United Airlines after he said the airline made his pregnant wife clean up a mess on her 'hands and knees' made by their two-year-old daughter while on a flight.

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  1. its your kids so its your job to clean up after them or teach them to clean up after themselves

  2. Every event has 2 sides of argument. Customer likes to think they are always right. However, if everyone(Child) maximize their mess on the aeroplane. We will have a very dirty cabin. Aeroplane is essentially a bus in the sky. They don’t get a full cleanup every stop. My question is, “How did they make the Mom get down on her knees to clean it up?”

  3. So he attempted to garner public empathy over popcorn, and shame the flight attendant, knowing full well they may lose their job over popcorn that his wife purchased, for a toddler. Wow. Not only does this scream “entitlement”, but also “I have no idea about choking hazards!” How pathetic

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