Bob Marley's Childhood House Destroyed by Fire in Jamaica | TVJ News - Sept 18 2021 1

Bob Marley’s Childhood House Destroyed by Fire in Jamaica | TVJ News – Sept 18 2021


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  1. Wow would have loved to see Bob’s old home such an heritage yet the badmind dem “Catch it a fire” like Bob Sang

  2. It’s a shame to see that the government hadn’t refurbished it before I do home they will preserve it as a historic sight.

    1. Folks were living in it and the Culture Yard on First Street was kinder the main spot. This house is more prominent for being Cedella Marley’s old house.

  3. Bob Marley family reject him but black people accepting him now his children married to white woman turning their back on black people what did they father fight for Bob Marley was fighting for black people African I don’t see them as Jamaican anymore black people will make it without white people help i would never married to a white woman

    1. Many of my sisters and brothers are not seeing what they need to be seeing why when black men are black woman becomes wealthy they forget that they are black people and all the suffering and pain that black people been through slavery and oppression apartheid our forefathers would turn in their grave now to see what they give their life for is going down the drain and going back to white people when a black man married to a white woman you are covering up slavery and all the bad things that white peoples did to us Africans any nation that forget their past it will happen to us Africans again

  4. So why wasn’t the house renovated as part of a historical heritage of jamaica? You should see where Marcus Garvey lived can’t believe when you look at his house Bob ole house look like if it didnt burned down it would have dropped down anyway kmt….mek ah did rose hall you’d ah sumting different

  5. That place should have been refurbished along time ago, government never give a damn bout the legends that put Jamaica first and on the map

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