Bobby Brown Jr. found dead in his California home | USA TODAY

Bobby Brown Jr. found dead in his California home | USA TODAY 1


Bobby Brown Jr., Bobby Brown's 28-year-old son, was found dead.

Bobby Brown Jr., Bobby Brown's 28-year-old son, was found dead in his California home, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

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52 Comments on "Bobby Brown Jr. found dead in his California home | USA TODAY"

  1. Prayers for his family, may he RIP

  2. Omg what a tragedy…I can’t Even imagine….that’s soooo terrible sad.

    • Bots are in full force here

    • @Smith Mundt Not bots…..Reality.
      Folks are getting numb to the fools of this World. Blame the blameless…yeah , that helps.
      You feel better? Take responsibility for ones own actions……..and reactions!

  3. My condolences to Bobby Sr., family, and friends.

  4. Man Bobby Brown is just losing his family man God be with him

  5. Either suicide or drugs, so sad. This man has been through TOO much 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. Bobby Brown’s immediate family are all dying. This is scary. I hope he gets the strength he needs.

  7. Damn someone needs to help this family with their drug problems

    • He is the only one left! And its pretty ironic, seeing as how he was always potrayed as the one who was the druggie

    • i dont know if the kid died from drugs lets wait till details emerge before you start speakin on a dead man.

    • This is a public distraction🐑🐑🐑🙈🙊🙉

    • @thesinaclwon … NOW TELL US ALL HOW YOU KNOW IT WAS DRUGS! … Man, stop speculating. The dude could have died from high blood pressure, stroke or heart attack, you IDIOT.

      I do believe that stroke and asthma do run in this man’s family.

    • @The Elite D-X your right, most of the covid deaths are “with” covid and not the direct cause

  8. Drugs are bad. They’ve took out three members of that family.

    • @Yellow Balloon … Whatever. So, I guess your feelings and conjecture are fact now?… OK. Well I guess it’s just the times we live in. 🤔
      I can see that you want to be right really, really badly. It seems like an obsession to you. Go on and enjoy your little imaginary world where you’re right just because you say so. LOLOL. I have other, more important things to do, so I will bow out now. Have fun. Peace. ✌️

    • @Armoloshi May … IKR?! But dumb people always jump to conclusions about people they know nothing about. We live in a very weird and interesting time. 🤔

    • @The Elite D-X Good for you

    • @Yellow Balloon Get a life.

    • @The Elite D-X For sure.

  9. Oqprints Printing | November 19, 2020 at 12:03 PM | Reply

    Drug addicts unfortunately expected.

  10. His family loved ones are always dying at home or hotels….
    Something isn’t right man…

  11. Bobby and his family needs help. His wife, now son. I wish him the best on shaking this monster off his shoulders.

  12. restless journey | November 19, 2020 at 12:19 PM | Reply

    That’s terrible to lose 2 children. May God be with Mr. Brown and his family.

  13. Bobby Brown is a scourge on anyone around him. He must be a horrible person to have to live with or be around.

  14. Guy has been dealing with a lot of heartache…

  15. The tragedy this man has lived through is so unfair. I feel so bad for this family. Good grief. 💚

  16. Jeezus this is so sad… like the Kennedy’s, this family must be cursed 😢

  17. omg he lost his son too. Jesus, he’s been through alot.

  18. As a parent of a son myself, I cannot begin to imagine the pain Bobby Brown is suffering from presently. It must feel as though one is drowning in the very depths of misery. You are in my prayers Mr. Brown. Oddly enough I had just finished listening to a YouTube video by Sloan Bella right before I went back to the homepage and immediately came across this Access Hollywood post….and it was then that I was overcome with a sinking feeling. The Sloan Bella video was a reading she had given regarding Nick Gordon and his death , along with the
    unsettling connection it shares with Bobby Christina’s and Whitney’s passing as well.. It’s something definitely worth looking into. There is something about the timing of everything. When I had finished the video and hit home page only to end up directly in front of this announcement, to say that I was “shocked “ would be a understatement at the very least. RIP young man, God bless you and your family.

  19. I’m so sorry to hear this. All the family members are in my prayers.


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