Body of missing California women found at car crash site | USA TODAY

The body of 22-year-old Jolissa Fuentes, who had been missing for two months, was found in a mangled car at the base of a cliff in California.

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The body of a missing California woman was found on Tuesday at the scene of a wrecked car that went off a cliff. The woman had gone missing two months ago.

Selma (Calif.) Police Department Chief Rudy Alcaraz told reporters at a joint news conference with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office that the body of 22-year-old Jolissa Fuentes, who went missing Aug. 8, was discovered Monday in a ravine along with the smashed car and the woman's belongings.

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  1. USA Today, you’ve entitled your video “Body of missing California women….” So who is the other woman? Your video makes no mention of her. Journalists used to be required to uphold the high standards of language usage required by the press. Content creators are no longer bound by those requirements. So no other USA Today staff noticed this? How sad.

    1. It’s a typo. In case you haven’t noticed YouTube headlines are often misspelled. Relax and find a more fun hobby💐

    2. @Gryphon Yeah, the average YouTuber isn’t going to get comments about it, either. But major news organizations? They don’t get a pass. USA Today can’t even be troubled to have an editor glance at it? It’s a slippery slope, friend. If they can’t hold themselves to any sort of standard, who will? But thanks all the same; I can assure you that portraying the stereotypical grumpy old man isn’t my primary hobby.

    3. I was about to make the same comment but glad I looked for other like-minded people 🙂 there are plenty of us who still care about proper spelling and writing. The spelling errors all over the place are like nails on a chalkboard……

    4. @Anson Chamblin That’s the state of modern “journalism” these days. It used to be the “Fourth Estate” but now it’s just a Fifth Column. Typo’s and misspellings are the least of their problems, though still aggravating and irresponsible for sure.

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