Bodycam footage shows Gabby Petito after fight with fiancé | USA TODAY 1

Bodycam footage shows Gabby Petito after fight with fiancé | USA TODAY


Bodycam footage shows Gabby Petito and her fiancé Brian Laundrie talking to police in Utah after having a fight during their cross-country road trip.


Authorities are searching for a missing Florida woman who set out on a cross-country trip, and have identified her fiancé as a person of interest after he returned from the trip without her.

Agencies from several states and the FBI are searching for 22-year-old Gabrielle "Gabby" Petito after she was reported missing Saturday by her family in New York.

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  1. The way they pointed out scratches on his neck and how distraught she was… there’s no way he doesn’t know what happened to her.

    1. @Forsaken Xennial I do believe he had reached his breaking point with her. But he should have walked away when she started another grandiose adventure.

    2. @apapz3245 and now we have found the body with clear signs of homicide with the only suspect currently fleeing police. Maybe you should keep your stupid takes to yourself.

    3. @2bRealistPlease explain exactly how I am being “emotional” by stating scientific facts. A body exposed to the climate degrades pretty damn quickly. Her body was left out in the heat during the day and cold at night, her body was also exposed to animals. People have been found dead in less time sitting in a house and the skin has degraded. Not sure where you think emotion came into play here, I was just stating a fact which is being exposed to the elements makes it harder to find cause of death if it isn’t an obvious gun shot wound or the like. But please tell us your credentials in forensics. Lol.

  2. “WE weren’t physical BEFORE the point of” And this was just about little things. Doesn’t look good. To the hotel cam we go.

  3. The more time goes by the lesser chance that she will be found alive. My heart goes out to her and her family.

    1. @Zed Zed Yes, I know… I saw the news along everyone else.


      How did she die?
      Was it self inflected? Suicide?
      Was it murder? Homicide?
      Was it natural? Exposure to the weather?

  4. If he was innocent and she just left on her own accord after an argument, he would be singing to everyone that she wanted to leave him and there was nothing he could do so he had no choice but to return home without her. If he had nothing to do with her disappearance, he would be concerned and worried just like her parents; it’s his fiance we’re talking about.

    1. @Jazmine an autopsy of her remains should be able to detect if there was struggle vs if she got lost in the wilderness and starved or got dehydrated or attacked by an animal though

    2. @vanessa benoit I hope so, but according to forensic scientists who have commented on the case, based on the amount of time that has lapsed her body may have decomposed too much to be able to tell. They say that the amount of time, factored in with the heat of the location, and the “animal activity” in the area might make it impossible to tell her cause of death. It might not be impossible now but it would have been easier to tell if they had found her body sooner. I guess we’ll find out soon.

    3. I donot get it. Police coming because eyewitness called “ HE slapped HER!when police coming, guy showed some scratch on his arm very minors and didnot admitted he slapped his girls face ! It’s domestic violence to her !!but reversed, the police would rather believed his side story instead of hers. She admitted some physical conflicts but not admitted what he said. The scratches How come these “ police “ concluded its she misdemeanor “ domestic whatever”???
      For my point of view, the police it’s stupid begain with

  5. He didn’t seem upset at all. She also basically said he didn’t believe she could pull off and make a blog or make youtube videos. What a downer. For real.

    1. @angrer Birds stop with the fake outrage. You never cared about her when she was alive… you’re just a murder tourist.

    1. @Letania Booker nobody is sure yet, but is rumored to have been her boyfriend, also because when he drove home she wasn’t in the car with him after their trip and don’t tou think he’d call somebody? if he didn’t know where she was. so imo he killed her but we don’t know 100% yet

  6. Dude, I would be devastated if I was one of those police officers. Nothing they could do but to separate them and now she ends up missing and Laundrie refusing to help police find her…

    1. I bet they are. It’s horrible, unfortunately the law only allows so much action to be taken by law enforcement. Even if they had arrested him she would’ve went there to bail him out. Domestic abuse is so hard to address until the victim decides they’ve had enough.

    2. @Hello There If she would have been marked up the way he was, they would have put him in hand cuffs. They chose to play the game of favoritism and privilege and it cost her her life. Had they arrested her and she’d called her parents, there would have been clear indications that those two young people were having major problems.

    3. @Michael Clouds if the guy said the exact same words and did the same thing, you wouldn’t give him a pass. Imagine a guy saying he has a little ocd and gets pissed so he becomes mean to his girl and hits her lol

    1. @Bear Bear and yet too many people are screaming he should be thrown in prison, and that he is automatically guilty, when we know next to nothing about what happened.

    2. @howard baxter true but you should understand why people feel this way. We have court for a reason so they shouldn’t say he is guilty until proven innocent but the emotions are high, especially after seeing this s disturbing footage

    3. @Bear Bear I agree, but people are honestly making false assumptions, claiming that they can clearly see he is the abuser in this situation. What they fail to realize is that there is a VERY good chance he was the one being abused and didn’t want his girlfriend/fiancée to go to jail. There are two sides to every story.

    4. @howard baxter look up the newly released Gabby Petito 911 call and you will understand . It’s not all false assumptions

    5. @Natalie P. i honestly don’t know how the police didn’t pick up on it? all the signs are there. im not a cop so idk….just sucks. im sure those officers are going through something terrible mentally

    1. @Marie Rose If by middle of nowhere you mean, miles away from any road, thats still murder. No food, no water, succumb to the elements.

  7. So she quits her job to travel with the boyfriend across country in a van. So he now has way more control over her. Think narcissistic relationship…gaslighting, reactive abuse, trauma bonding. It is disturbing to me to see her take all the responsibility for their arguments. I see red flags everywhere. Doesn’t look like this is going to turn out well for her. Soooo sad.

    1. Not against anything you said as I was in 2 pretty bad (mentally/emotionally) relationships. But there are people out there that do take blame even if its obvious that its the other’s fault. My ex, she would always do that even when I was not at all blaming her and was apologizing for what I had said or done. Like there was just no way around it with her. This poor girl though, she looked like she just went through something really bad and scary and those scratches on him were more than likely from defending herself.

  8. Oh man. She is literally blaming herself for everything. That is a clear example of domestic abuse. I wish she’d left with that cop.

    1. @J Leezy We could ask Gabby what happened if she wasn’t currently dead right now. But maybe after he comes out of hiding, he can tell us what happened with those scratches.

    2. @Tia Thompson for all you know she could have been constantly abusive and he eventually snapped. It happens all time with both sexes. He was driving, he was the one with scratches. The fact she’s dead now has absolutely nothing with that situation and it’s a poor argument

    3. @J Leezy If this woman, whom he can over power, was THAT so called abusive. Why was he engaged to marry her? He could have left her instead of taking her on a trip to MURDER her……

  9. Does there come a point where Brian Laundrie Parents and attorney be “Liable” for blocking all attempts in finding her?

    1. The parents may be able to face some consequences for helping hide him and spreading misinformation but I don’t think ghey can be held liable for the crime. I wish they could and I hope they do something about it.

    2. @BUZZSAW what are you talking about? What does politics have to do with any of this? Leave your presidential opinions out of this case. You’re delusional.

    3. Exactly what I said!! His parents should definitely be held accountable to aiding and abetting or withholding information or hiding a KILLER

  10. It looks like they found her body. My heart goes out to her family, and the police officers who helped her in the only way they could legally at the time. Little did they know what would happen to her.

    1. They could have arrested her for assault. The evidence was in his face and on his neck. They would have had to contact their loved ones for help. It would have at least given their families the indication that things were not good. The officers didn’t help; as a matter of fact, They played a pivotal role in this tragedy.

      In some states, they both would have been arrested for domestic violence. Had they done their jobs, she could very well be alive today…….so much for the advantages of enjoying privileges others are not afforded.

  11. Sad reminder that social media is not reality. You would have never guessed this couple had issues if you only saw the video on their channel.

    1. Exactly. Its never the real deal. They hide all the fights and ugliness. I use to do the same with my ex. Its very un healthy

    2. @axam ilagam nomadic statik was their channel i think, there’s a video on there of gabby and brian together on vacation it looked super sweet too :((

    1. @Jeff vee listen to the police call. The witness said that Brian was hitting her. So yes she was crying for a reason, scratched him out of self defense. wOmEn CrY fOr nO ReAsOn well now you look stupid with the new evidence that has come out

  12. Narcissists (Brian)are great actors. I should know I’ve had 30 year experience with my abusive ex husband.. They really know how to give a performance. People are mesmerized by their fake charm and innocence. My ex asulted me in a police parking lot when we exchanged custody because I proved my burden in court that he was stalking me. It’s hard to change people’s perception of the narcissist. Cops let my ex go, I still had my p.p.o order in hand . I’m sorry but it is my strong opinion that the one cop got big time played by Brian. I’m sorry abusers know how to not leave marks. How would you all like to be locked out of a vehicle in that Utah heat? She was being honest and she hasn’t had to learn how to lie like him to cover up the abuse and lies. If somebody called the cops It wasn’t that he only wanted to distance himself from her come on give me a break! Laughing it up, being their friend, playing up to them. Clearly that cop who sided with Brian gave him a get out of jail free card. It was like he gave Brian an abuser something to hold over her head like you can’t do anything to me. I think you cops need to learn about narcissistic personality disorder. I know it’s not always the guy but obviously They were wrong about Brian. I mean look at vlog footage everything the camera is on he’s kissing her, possessive……! He’s playing it up for the camera.

  13. How can somebody kill someone so young and innocent. She was still at least 3 years from being a full fledged, biological adult. I just don’t get the kinda hate you have to have on the inside to cause that kind of fear and pain to someone who’s done nothing wrong.

  14. The police are not to blame… But I think they should have recommended they go home and stop spending isolated time together…. It became toxic & there is no telling what went down after the cops seperated them.

  15. If after all this with the cops he still goes on to kill her later would seem irrational to me. Him disappearing like that is very suspicious. So I don’t know what to think. RIP Gabby

  16. I wonder how the cops feel knowing that her body has been found. Not blaming them for anything, just wondering if they regret they didn’t or couldn’t by law, do anything.

    1. “Not blaming them for anything, just wondering if they regret they didn’t or couldn’t by law, do anything.”

      Really? It was a clear case of violence. His face and neck was marked up. If they would have done their jobs, she would have had handcuffs placed on her and possibly he as well and they would have had to call a loved one or a friend to inform them of the situation. The cops chose cuddling and implementing privilege over doing their job. But they would have handled that same scenario the same way for everyone…….right?

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