1. Well, I don’t know how the translation sounded to you, but he says in all the letters that the transition of government will take place as usual. he offered no resistance 👍🏻

    2. In 🇰🇪 the opposition leader has never conceded yet he has lost the election five times from 2007.

    1. @First Last but it doesn’t matter, he can do nothing about it. The transfer of power depends on other people, including the elected government. Even if he refuses to transfer power, it will happen against his will because the process does not need his permission.

    2. You’re extremely naive.
      His supporters protesting, blocking streest in all states and calling for a military coup disagree with you.

  1. You know, the 51% versus the 49% wouldn’t be so bad if we weren’t so different from each other. The world is divided and the current way of doing things is not sustainable.

    1. @Lawrence Iverson civil war was what I lived in 2011, when I saw friends die when 3rd comando took over the favela where I lived, civil war between bandits, in the last 4 years the homicide rate has decreased considerably. First of all, I don’t think that Bolsonaro would be the best option, I was looking for a 3rd way, I just don’t think this deification towards Lula is cool, because he is as ordinary as Jair. But since Lula is in power, I hope his gouvernament doesn’t steal so much this time, and I’m waiting for the secret budget to know which of the two stole more.

    2. So this new president has just come out of 3 years in prison for corruption, fraud and theft of government funds….and he is back in power……I need help with this.

  2. There’s a dangerous tendency to reject the only form of government wich give people, freedom of speech, human rights, security and political alternation.

    1. @Up Dod You don’t really understand the concept of an election, do you? He lost. It’s time to relinquish power. It’s not difficult to grasp.

    2. @Ronald Carpenter Im not a Bolsonaro supporter, I was just mentioning that his opposition is also VERY anti democratic.

  3. Due to excessive pressure, the British Government have released the Demographic Census of 2021. My America !! The nation is stunned into deep silence !!! Enough Said.

  4. I think a little perspective is needed here, he lost by a very slim margin nonetheless its a loss, his VP already s working with Lulas people for the transfer of power, is it mandatory for him to call his opponent to concede? No ,is it poor character? Yes. But the fact that he admitted he will adhere to the constitution should be sufficient enough to put to rest all this sensationalism. Lets see how the ex convict governs and if he’s able to fulfill his populist promises.

  5. Who’da thought he’d be a sore loser? 🥺😭 It’s not like he had his police chief holding up election busses!

  6. He literally ordered his cabinet to begin transition to the next administration and said he’ll respect the process and the constitution. There’s nothing else he needs to do.

    1. Yes, he needs to concede that he lost the election. It’s true that concession doesn’t change anything, but really, doesn’t that make it all the more petty?

  7. There are millions of brazilians at the streets right now. The election process was not fair, people are protesting over this.

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