Bolton: Putin Was ‘Having Great Time’ With Trump, Didn’t Consider Him ‘An Equal’ | Deadline | MSNBC


    1. @Boubakar Moufasa gtfoh! Many white people in this country come from peasant communities in SE Europe and arrived AFTER 1900. Not only did they NOT play a role in slavery, they themselves were subjected to another variety of indentured servitude- the company store. Racism is a huge problem but expecting payback from people who had nothing to do with it will only hurt your cause.

  1. “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good.” VOTE 🗳 VOTE BLUE! VOTE 🗳 VOTE 🇺🇸 DEMOCRACY!

    1. @R 26
      Trumps best bud! Trump took Ivanka to Epstein Isle, for her 13th birthday. A good time was had by all.

    2. @Rich WinderSure, again, I’m not defending Trump as a PERSON, I’m defending him as a PRESIDENT and many Democrats won’t hold their own to the same standard. I’ll also be the first to admit that many of our most objectively good Presidents (Nixon, Clinton, Trump) have also been the least moral.

    3. @R 26
      Perhaps Trump could get away with being an immoral childish pathological liar, if he weren’t also so incompetent and ignorant.

    1. @Boubakar Moufasa so that’s how you respond? Way to go…
      I mean do you hate all white people or just those that point out things that you do are crass?

    1. Except for the recent withdrawal from Northern Syria, giving Putin a clear field for a bombing exercise after the Turks took their chunk of the partition. In exchange? Probably a free hand in Iran. This would be a DEAL, that Obama would never make. The American military/industrial complex may be hesitating with Trump now, since he’s been pussyfooting with their main competitors (Putin, Shi). Trump magically wished away ISIS and threw the Kurds under the bus, while slicing a piece for Turkey. So yeah, Syria was an IN CAMERA discussion.

  2. The craziest part of this is that Democrats and any rational person were able to see all of what Bolton is confirming!

  3. It is funny that the world’s leaders were laughing at Trump but his supporters don’t see that. World’s leaders are playing Trump and Trump is playing his supporters.

    1. That’s why I don’t believe Bolton. On one hand, he want to be this super NOVA Politician, who was plugged in to everything. Now, he wants us to believe that the meeting between Putin and Trump was strictly platonic!

    2. They don’t see it because Fox News doesn’t want them to see it, therefore they don’t show it….

  4. Ha ha, it is obvious that the real threat to the election comes from inside the US like Trump and the Republican efforts to suppress voters.

  5. Someone should just straight up ask him if he regrets not testifying, irrespective of whether it would’ve made a difference

    1. No he does not. He knew what he was doing, and never regret it while his bank tree grows. He is as much of a traitor as Trump. They are all sewer scums. Lock GOP, Repubs, Bolton, Pompeo, Miller, and BARR.

    2. Money dissolves regrets apparently. And honestly how can anyone without the means truly be called upon to do anything morally right when the biggest contenders for your time on this earth is Capitalism and the IRS?

  6. I think we can all laugh along with John Bolton, can’t we? We have a traitor and pathological liar in the White House and you “don’t think” anything untoward happened with Putin? Is this a joke to you?

    1. You are a joke. Go pursue the notes of strzok on every other news channel except CNN and msnbc. It proves Obama and Biden tried to Logan act Flynn after comey said he was legit. You called half the country Russians for 2 years because you are a sheep. That’s what you get when you don’t watch two opposing news sources.

    2. @Matt Thompson Flynn has the goods on Trump Jr. passing Russian info to daddy and back. Collusion. Barr was told by Trump to get traitor Flynn off because, facing a healthy stretch of time in prison, Flynn might snap, and talk.

  7. I have no doubt that Putin was having fun with Trump. Pinocchio’s master had a lot of fun with Pinocchio too.

    1. I’m sure Putin had fun interrogateing Trump and getting all the information that he wanted! All he had to do was flatter him and then remind him that Russia helped him win the election!

  8. Putin was reminding Trump of his debt to Russia during that 2 hour secret meeting. Putin also gave Trump his marching orders.

    1. Everyone in finance knows the debt is over $300 million. Facilitated via Deutsche Bank Private Wealth division. That bank division doesn’t normally do loans! Bunkers Boy is suing Deutsche Bank to keep it hidden.

    1. More like a discordant Tardive Concertina, that Trump thinks he is playing. He practices at every speech.

  9. A Russian asset, named Donald Trumpski,
    is incredibly, Dumbski.
    But, with a Putin assist,
    and a money laundering twist,
    He cons America, Numbski.

    1. MSNBC viewers are officially now even dumber than Fox news viewers. There are so many ignorant comments like yours here. I’ve read Fox news comment sections, they are dumb but no where near as dumb as you and your buddies here. Please remember this when Trump wins again in November, because *YOU ARE THE REASON HE WILL WIN.*

    2. @Cartoonishly Inept
      Trump got on the phone with Vlad,
      He said “Daddy, I’m looking real bad”.
      So Putin put trolls,
      on the internet roles,
      to make Orange Fatty, less sad.

    3. @Rich Winder I’ll admit, that’s vastly more creative and articulate than I would expect from an MSNBC consumer. Well done.

      Please do Russiagate 3.0, the idea of you guys face planting on top of all your lies for a third time is just so enticing.

    4. @Cartoonishly Inept
      I can and will do that…… For one lousy Stormybuck! ($130K USD, in advance)

    1. @Boubakar Moufasa i tell you what ; i take Zinc around 100mg.a day with V. C&D3 any smart person would be doing the same thing Are you ? WHAT i said about wearing a mask is true for you to act rebellious is the effect of low oxygen .plus these vitamins do protect you ,you should learn how to build up your immune system

    2. @Boubakar Moufasa i tell you what ; i take Zinc around 100mg.a day with V. C&D3 any smart person would be doing the same thing Are you ? WHAT i said about wearing a mask is true for you to act rebellious is the effect of low oxygen .plus these vitamins do protect you ,you should learn how to build up your immune system

  10. Putin to Trump’s interpreter in Helsinki : “All we talked about was Syria….RIGHT ? ? ?”

    1. Everyone around Trump would know that he doesn’t know a freaking thing about Syria or anywhere else.

  11. Putin wasn’t facing an equal. He was facing a President who didn’t know Finland wasn’t a part of Russia.

    1. Trump is correct …except Finland broke away during the Civil War. This was over a 100 years ago … so much for the “World according to Donald”.

  12. Putin knows who gave himself and Tweetie a “golden” shower, places, names, and prices. Has him by the cojones.

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