Book: Trump told aides he wouldn’t leave White House after election loss

New reporting provided to CNN from New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman's new book details new revelations on former President Donald Trump's final days in the White House. CNN's Kristen Holmes has more. #CNN #News


    1. You must be in LOOOVE with the price of gas and your weekly grocery bill. I’m happy for you, truly. The rest of us thinks it sucks!

    1. @Mike Alexander but see all you do is deflect. You haven’t held him responsible for one single thing. Not one single thing. You know we took the documents he admitted it he had them and he gave some of them back he admitted he still had some yet y’all go up but he owed every right to take him but they were declassified. None of that matters it’s illegal to take the documents he did it you will twist yourself inside out to make some excuse

    2. @Pam Jones I’m not making excuses or defending anything. I’m just saying that the media, especially this channel is one sided, so people don’t see both sides and think Republicans are corrupt when the democrats are just as bad if not worse.

  1. “This is an embarrassment to our country”? Over 199 countries including mine New Zealand will say Trump was the embarrassment to your country, now it’s the GOP!

  2. A brilliant light on his behavior . . .I want him to leave the entire national/political scene. The harm he has done is incredible.

    1. @Charles A Smith Yes, but there are always evil men looking for power over others. What I can’t understand is why so many people want him to lead them. Is it because they don’t have a functioning conscience, or is it because they worship a God who is very much like him? That’s certainly the kind of God I was brought up with.

  3. The video just came out of him moving boxes from Mar A Lago to Bedminster, maybe he’s moving documents from Bedminster to Virginia. The FBI should have searched all Trump properties to be certain they got everything. 1 document is all it would take to cause a catastrophe.

    1. I heard them say they can only search if there is ptobable cause, like if a witness tattles on him. That is how they were able ro search Mar a Lago. Let’s hope someone rats on him, then the FBi can move in.

    2. They need to dig up Ivana’s coffin. There shouldn’t be a need for 10 pallbearers (struggling) to carry a coffin with ashes in it.

    3. I had forgotten about his golf course in Washington. That must be the one he used daily so that he could charge the Secret Service for setting foot there and using his golf buggies. He must have had his own pad there before he was elected – another place he could have quickly taken documents to from the White House?

  4. Damn good thing he didnโ€™t get the โ€œDiet Coke โ€œ red button on his desk confused with the other red button.

  5. It makes me sick that so many people hung on to information for their books rather than let people know at the time. Disgusting.

    1. Since when what a man says is more important than what a man does? He left didn’t he? So why does it matter if he said he wasn’t leaving? Hillary once said she’d be president. She wasn’t. Should we then vilify her for misinformation?

  6. God that would have been fantastic if he refused to leave, imagine watching them drag him out kicking and screaming, I would have paid to watch that.

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