Border mayors call for end of mandates, ArriveCAN app

Border mayors call for end of mandates, ArriveCAN app 1


    1. @paromanin What will it be like to have your life defined by one guy? You’ll find out if Turdeau gets his way!!

    2. @paromanin Ask all the Canadian and American journalists who were obsessed with hating Trump for 4 years.

  1. Nah, won’t happen. That would mean letting truckers get back to work. Trudeau the vindictive one will spend the next 3 years punishing them.

  2. End all Mandates. This has been completely illegal on the part of governments and provinces. 🤨⛑

  3. At a border crossing in Sask. They sent my 83 year old triple vaxxed father back a half an hour into Montana so he could go to the public library in that small town, so they could help him fill out arrive can.

    This country and its civil servants are turning into an absolute Fn joke!!!!

  4. My poor dad (4x vaxed!! Omg I know…) worried about crossing the border with arrivecan because he doesn’t have a mobile phone

  5. Reasoning with our government is like reasoning with a brick wall. Our country is a joke idk why you even try to engage.

    1. We’re post-national. This gong-show is just a bunch of politicians still playing the “pad your retirement” game. They don’t know. They really don’t know.

  6. They wouldn’t help him at all.
    He had to drive an half hour back into the states so an American could help with the app.

  7. I attempted to get F arrived can on my phone 7 times. I failed seven times I went to Texas without it and on returning to Canada the girl in the gate said don’t worry about it I’ll fix it. If they had tried to stop me getting into Canada I would have said I am a Canadian and you cannot stop me from going into Canada.

  8. I’m a hostage in my own country being deprived the right to freely exit and enter my country!!!

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