1. Chinese News Network CNN, must be very proud of this. It’s everything they’re advocating for “ illegal Aliens “ & their Criminal, Democ—Crap Party 🤯

    1. @Nic Moreno ya, he wanted to take 8 bil from the national disaster fund to help pay for the wall. I bet we will pay ALOT more for the repercussions of an open border.
      It’s been estimated that over 35,000 people have already gone missing this year while traveling through Mexico. 30% of hundreds of thousands of females will be abused this year. Children as young as 13. I think it would of been worth it.

    2. 8 billion is nothing when we just spent 2 trillion and now they want to spend a ton more for green deals. Is kinda a joke on their humanity priorities.

    3. @Debby Downer not from a disaster fund…it was coming from the Pentagon it’s what was used for military to protect themselves and us…it was serious enough the supreme court ruled against him…this wasn’t the last time they ruled against him as we know….you can find info on this if you simply search for it

    4. @Debby Downer the wall was not 8 billion it was was 17 and with what is left to finish the amount is projected to be as high as 50 billion…

    5. @Nic Moreno yup, your right. He was declaring a National Emergency to move funds to build the wall. Though the law does give the president a right to declare what an emergency is Dems filed lawsuit to block it because those funds have already been allocated for something else. Biden could do the same thing right now. Article never said where the funds came from.

    1. @J M M you miss informed low life. ChinaBiden deadly inhumane conditions at the southern border crisis. Biden is killing children asspole!

    2. Maybe Joe Biden should visit. Oh yeah, it’s almost the weekend. Guess he’s wrapping the week up.

    3. @J M M Show me footage of babies being dropped over the wall during Trump’s administration. I’ll wait.

  1. Media over in Mexico aren’t covering this because they know what will happen if you snitch on the cartels

    1. @SayWord Son I live by the border,fake,send link of rest of video,who recorded it ,where are those kids,how many videos, only one,border patrol officers cannot be trusted,like cops they are murderers

    2. @Samantha Weber I had a liberal friend just tell me that. Well if they legalize everything then they won’t traffic it..
      He was accually serious.

  2. Oh my gosh that’s terrible. You can see that the three year old didn’t even get up for a couple minutes. That was a pretty damn far drop for a 5 year old let alone a 3 year old

    1. Why aren’t there any National Guards along all borders to prevent the s u r g e of I l l e g a l s?!?. Instead they’re standing around for no reason around the Capitol. I’m sure all of the guards would prefer securing US borders.

    2. @Gregory Pankow I just reread your post, and are you justifying people illegally infiltrating our country, in masses, because of their situations? At what point does their breaking the law become an issue, or is it never an issue? Because it doesn’t stop at illegally entering the country. I live in a border state, and I’ve also been in the mortgage industry for 28 years. I’ve seen countless loan applications where the applicants were here illegally for a time, using somebody else’s ss# before finally getting a 10-year Visa, and issued their own number. That’s identity theft. What about the people who have had their identity stolen? They get totally screwed, and we get another person in our country that doesn’t have a problem breaking our laws and screwing over other people to benefit themselves. Why do we want hundreds of thousands, if not millions, more people like that in our country?

    3. @lumpy bumpkin I was listening until you started talking about Biden touching kids. Give me a fucking break

    1. @Jeremy Hall Ya thats great encourage more people to pay cartels and make a dangerous trip. Liberals are such morons.

    2. ​@President Tater Skin Exactly. Trump reduced the number of children being hurt by cartels by sending them back. Stop encouraging this behavior. And what is it all for? Neocons want a permanent serf class to lower workers wages and dems support it because they want more votes and cheap labor

    3. ​@Jeremy Hall It affects almost everyone except the rich. You must be rich and live in a fantasy land where America has unlimited resources and can handle millions of poor people who are going to need housing and food. One reason CA has a huge homeless problem is because of these democrat policies. Democrats want open borders for selfish reasons. They want to turn the country into CA where democrats can never lose an election. They also want illegals here to lowers the wages of workers.

    1. @OatmealCremePie it seems your head is full of oatmeal cream pie with no room left for a brain cell.

    1. @Kent Harvey Kent I hate to break it to you but absolutely NO major news outlet will tell the whole truth. They push whatever fits their narratives. This isn’t just a CNN problem. It’s a rampant problem among them all. Each has their fans so to speak and they will always cater to their fans. Although you have to ask yourself at some point…….why wouldn’t they? I consider 99% of the news from everywhere just plain bullshit. I watch it cause it’s entertaining. It’s literally nothing more than entertainment. It’s scary to think of all the people that let these news outlets make up their minds for them. Like herding cattle.

    2. @Kent Harvey you seem to have forgotten about the invasion and caravans of people that tried to get over the border under trump

  3. The most surprising part of this video is, the fact that CNN is reporting it rather than playing politics.

    1. @Perfecthearts The guards aren’t supposed to secure the border under this administration. Every ever admin immigrants would run from the border agents now they run to them.
      This isn’t a border crises. This is a democrat crises and everyone must learn to stop voting blue

    2. @ARCHON205 that’s pretty good but you forgot a few things . Or it didn’t fit your talking point . Witch is ??

    3. @josey j who should they blame you think president trump should be blamed or president biden . Can’t wait to here this . Just so you know there is only one morally right answer.

    4. @Perfecthearts that’s not going somehow sound better The more you post it. it’s not a good look.
      Ffs. what you’re saying is monstrous.

  4. I can’t believe how they were thrown over the wall and just left to fend for themselves. Heart breaking.💔

    1. @Gregory Pankow if that’s the case why would they be running *to* us and not farther away from us.

    2. @Soni Lynn I would think all the mothers in the world would be calling those “parents” across the border the monsters that they are. It’s disgusting. All of it is disgusting. They are literally pushing children into the agenda to get the bleeding hearts to fall for it.

    3. Yep, this is the stuff Trump was stopping and then Biden was elected…guess you can thank the “cabal of businesses”, Dems, and anyone who actually voted for this to happen, which would be Dems.

  5. Omg those poor babies! That was heartbreaking to see. 😥 They definitely would’ve died had Border Patrol not spotted them.

    1. @Alice Pyne-Jahneke yes ma’am, this manufactured crisis is deliberate, intentional, and premeditated. The installation of President Potatohead and the 37 executive orders was* an assault on the Constitution.

  6. My mother would eat bread and drink water before she would put me through this type of trauma. Poverty is no excuse to put your children through HELL. These people are selfish as hell. They would rather pimp their children for the “American Dream” than to respect the border. They will be disappointed to find out that their “American Dream” is now a NIGHTMARE….and it’s only going to get worst.

    1. @LetsPlayGaming The stark reality is you’re right. Americans will think they’re getting a bargain to hire them as nannies! They’ll work cheap at daycares!

    2. @Steph no they are most likely Honduran, Guatemalan or Salvadorians that are dumping their kids in the border so then they can get a “sponsor” most likely another illegal in the US, the kid gets a green card then the parents come over. These central Americans are playing both Mexico and the U.S. in Mexico they play the human rights card and in the U.S. they play the Keep families together card. I just dont get how dumb the system is, the dumbest part is that your deporting them to mexico lol they will eventually find a way in, but if you send their asses back to central America im pretty sure they will think twice about making their journey again.

    3. @Eman Dafoe So you think people were on this side of the wall waiting to pick those kids up then? I was trying to figure out how a 3 and 5 year old were going to do anything on their own let alone find family here. It’s all so twisted and sick.

    4. @Steph nope steph they have to get processed by border agents, probably were sent with some phone number or coached on what to say. and the coyotes know exactly that the thermal camaras or sensors are going to pick them up which is why they dumped them close to agents. Yes its very twisted but see here is where many things come into play, in alot of ways its Americas own doing but in a huge way its people learning to con their way here and taking advantage of Americas and Mexicos kindness.

  7. What kind of parent does that to their child. Just letting them go with random strangers good lord.

  8. Proud of CNN for once in my life for reporting the news . They need to realize that if they report honest journalism they will go WAAAAAY up in the ratings . They need to stop being partisan and they will succeed

  9. Smugglers knew what they were doing. Drop a couple kids over the wall in front of a camera and then throw their drugs over a couple miles down when agents are rescuing the kids.

    1. Haha.. “rescuing”.. if those kids dont get sent back they will be put into foster care or worse. Do you know what the statistics are for foster children ending up homeless or addicted to drugs?

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