Boris Johnson’s brother quits as MP and minister over Brexit

Boris Johnson's brother quits as MP and minister over Brexit 1


From CTV News Channel: Yves Tiberghien discusses the state of Brexit negotiations after Prime Minister Boris Johnson lost a series of key votes.


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21 Comments on "Boris Johnson’s brother quits as MP and minister over Brexit"

  1. Does any MP remember the people’s choice?

  2. Boris get it done ✊

  3. Sold out by his own brother ,,, wonder how much the Russians and Chinese paid for that to happen ?

  4. His brother quit knowing the Tories, Labour and the Green party’s will not be in power after the general election…

  5. sold out by his brother who accepted the manifesto to leave the corrupt eu…his check from the eu will come in the post no doubt

  6. The U.K. does not have a democracy or even human rights, and the Conservative party has not been conservative for decades.

  7. What a complete mess.

  8. UK is a mess

  9. do youtube employees even know how to type?
    guess not since they support trump.

  10. Need to protest like Hong Kong.

  11. They have pictures of him too

  12. Even is brother knows is a lying toe rag

  13. Pound is bouncing. ..
    GBP/JPY up 1% baby 😊😊 there will be election, and if he wins October 31st UK is out, ….your guest is weak. .very weak guy on foreign politics. channel cheap guest 😆😆😆😆

  14. Our Creator warned against joining other nations for protection or provisions etc.
    Psalms 1 & 2 and more.

  15. His own brother knows he’s a con artist racist populist buffoon.

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