Boris Johnson's Conservative Party wins UK election 1

Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party wins UK election


Prime Minister Boris Johnson's Conservative Party has won at least 326 seats in the UK election — enough to guarantee a majority. #CNN #News


    1. @S G Come look at my country & see if it’s even white…it’s a great mixture & I like it like that. But Back to our topic… Why do brits dickride us Americans??

    2. @S G “you let us have our independence” is that what you call losing a war and coming back and losing a second time lmao you’d be speaking German right now if not for America you fucking troglodyte accept your defeat and go sit down somewhere

    1. @Elkslayer you are so close to a great point. They do BELIEVE in helping people. The problem is what they listen to as fact and they ignore the right because they’re told to

    2. @Elkslayer Democrats believe in lust for power, same as everybody else…..

      Democrats believe in helping democrats, same as everybody else….

      Step down off your pedestal, dude….

      Nobody is buying your snake oil…

  1. In the first few seconds of the video it sounded like it took that news anchor a lot of effort to choke down the words “Boris Johnson…Prime Minister of the UK….for five more years.”

  2. Who would of thought Brits are tired of the left selling their motherland off while calling them racist for being against it.

    1. @Bob Knob And Boris is Islamophobic.

      Also, I can’t really say for sure, but wasn’t Corbyn only judging Israel as a country whilst ignoring the religion? We judge the Middle East all the time (not that I’m saying we’re not right to do so, considering their inequality problems) but are we saying Corbyn can’t judge a country that happens to have a Jewish majority.

      Also, I haven’t read the statements in a while, so if you could link them to me I could make sure I don’t have the wrong idea.

    2. @kang of octopia that’s why people like him, the biggest cause of islamaphobia is the behaviour of Muslims and the British people have had enough, good effort with the virtue signalling though.

    3. @keefer Rawcliffe look, my friend, I said that we can judge the muslim countries but questioned why does Corbyn get bashed for criticism against israel as a country, regardless of the religon? I’m not justifying the muslims actions im asking what did Corbyn say specifically.

  3. Congrats to English voters who voted for Brexit election 2019
    Let’s see if they will get the change they voted for…
    Hmmmmm only time will tell

    1. madcheeseknight You’re cherry picking what you hear and don’t hear. American conservatism is far-right party politics in Europe. People, at least here in America, are moving farther left.

    2. @Benjamin Fields No, a small and very vocal minority is moving farther Left rapidly while the rest of us stay in place.

      Bernie Sanders was Far Left in 2016; three years later, the party views him as a moderate. No one else has changed.

  4. So the British people weren’t just “fooled” and “mistaken” when they said they wanted their independence?

    1. @Geir Eivind Mork profit for who? Brussels? They are tired of having someone else running their country. They are tired of mass immigration that has hampered central Europe. England will be just fine. They are the closest ally to the largest economy in the world. The only thing the were importing was socialism and muslims. This is the best thing that could have happened to them since ww2. They are taking control of their own country. Socialism and mass immigration is a thing of the past. Deal with it

    1. Europe needs to get back to being European. Enough is enough already with the nonsense. The culture needs to come back and I state this with absolute urgency.

    1. @Anita M. No. Men were only given the right to vote because we are forced to sign up for the draft and forced to go to war, women were given the right to vote without any responsibility or accountability, because of this, women should not have the right to vote.

    2. @Anita M. Look. If the majority of women were as smart and level headed as you it’d be different. I’d still be against it but it’d be different. Women are emotional creatures. I’m sure you know this. They usually mean well but they are just not logical. They are destroying the west in the name of compassion. Would you give up your voting rights if liberal women couldn’t vote either?

    1. @B 81 Yeah… you’ll never have enough income for that to apply to you. Nice try fear-mongering, though.

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