Boulder Police Chief: Suspect Purchased Gun Legally In Colorado | MSNBC 1

Boulder Police Chief: Suspect Purchased Gun Legally In Colorado | MSNBC


Days after a gunman killed 10 people at a King Soopers grocery store in Colorado, Boulder Police Chief Maris Herold said that they can confirm the gun used in the shooting was purchased legally and the suspect would be charged with one count of attempted murder in addition to 10 counts of first-degree murder. Aired on 03/26/2021.
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Boulder Police Chief: Suspect Purchased Gun Legally In Colorado | MSNBC


  1. Of course he did. Why would anyone bother with an illegal firearm when you can buy one legally in every town throughout the US?

    1. @urbanimage … nah, in the spirit of wealth distribution I’ll distribute my share to those in my life I love instead of letting government distribute it to people I don’t even know.

    2. @urbanimage … haha… you don’t know what communism is then. The State redistributes wealth in communism. I’m an individual not the State nor am I some utopian collective. And why are you so infantile ? The topic of this video revolves around guns…. not the teeny bopper wet dreams you have of communism. Give it a try. Try to explain, in an adult manner, how you can successfully ban and control guns if you can’t successfully ban and successfully control drugs.

      Btw… ever hear of prohibition ? How’d that work out ?

  2. Say it isn’t so Chief
    The gun crazies have always assured us that Law Abiding Citizens using guns and ammo that they legallly purchased have never ever commmitted an act of mass murder

    1. @Peter Collins: “The stronger the gun laws, the safer the country”… That’s not necessarily true. You aren’t looking at every country. By only looking at “first world countries” you’re only considering the countries that support your view while ignoring the countries that don’t. (Not that I disagree with you. I support having more strict gun control).

    2. @delr merti Owning a gun makes you more likely to die from a gun. Some deterrent. As to feeling safer, knowing that a mouth-breather, incapable of simple spelling, has a gun makes me feel less safe, not grateful in any way.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Gee, and overeating makes you more likely to have a heart attack and addict your family to the same disease….. If only we had more people with hobby’s instead of eating, watching tv and doing drugs….. Any idea how many millions die of these every year? How about car accidents? Maybe ban those too! Or how about abortions killing 700,000 innocent babies a year…. Pick something worthy of standing up for…. Gun’s aren’t even in the top 10…. At least guns actually save lives….. These other things only ruin lives.

    4. @Deborah Freedman And oh, drugs are illegal but you can buy those anywhere…. Moreover, there are at least 350,000,000 million guns in America today…. Trust me, they’ll be guns in North America long after people are extinct….. If you wanna pick a fight, pick something you might be able to do something about in a lifetime…. Congress talks about guns and gun sales just shoot through the roof and only makes the problem worse…. Best to just ignore it, this just gives others ideas and at best can only make it worse.

    5. @Deborah Freedman: Not everyone is the same. Some people (like myself) are responsible, law abiding gun owners. We aren’t all ignorant mouth breathers who can’t spell. Though I will admit that there are some pretty ignorant people who think guns are “cool” and treat them as toys. I’ve seen them at the gun range. They don’t respect the right to bear arms as it was intended (for defense). They use them recreationally for fun. They don’t take shooting practice seriously. They just want to fire off as many rounds as they can and yell “yee haw!” This is unfortunate for people like myself who have the utmost respect for the 2nd amendment and take our training and practice seriously.

    1. @MrNukedawhales: LOL! Yeah, some of our gun laws could probably change a bit. It’s unfortunate. I’m not for banning guns outright, but we could certainly make these types of weapons more difficult to obtain. Cheers!

    2. @Peter Collins aaah, ok thanks… that makes sooo much more sense now. this pistol surely fits in every purse 😉

    3. Throw a pistol brace on an SBR and it becomes a pistol because it has no stock. It’s really just to overcome the ATF and the fact that they don’t know hardly anything about firearms. I can make a hand crank Gatlin gun in my garage but if I draw up an auto sear it’s a felony. These people are morons with authority.

    4. @MrNukedawhales I didn’t say that it made sense – I don’t think the pistol designation makes any sense whatsoever here. I just posted some pictures so people could see what was being talked about.

  3. Purchased a gun while on a government watchlist.. if only he had to wait those 4 extra days none of this would have happened I’m sure.

  4. He was probably tired of being taunted, bullied and called a terrorist. Lot’s of Kevins and Karens out there.

    1. There are probably a lot of nice ladies named Karen, who are sick of their name being synonymous with being entitled. I defy you to show one person with an IQ over 120, who went to public school, and was not bullied. If you are intelligent, have curly hair, wear glasses or braces, have a funny last name, have a lisp or stutter, are too short or too tall, are too thin or too fat, have the wrong complexion, like to read, dress in a different style, have a different religion, have unusual hobbies, or weird parents, or are different in any way, you are bullied. Most of us never hurt anyone, despite all the bullying and harassment. Don’t use that as an excuse for murdering innocent people!

    2. @Walt Sims Jr Murders such as this should not be used to take away the right of self-defense by guns of people. Incidents such as this happen.

    3. @Deborah Freedman Nobody used it as an excuse but there are always underlying reasons for psychotic behavior. Perhaps we should call you Karen since you like to defy people to do things. Whoever you are, I defy you to dress up in full traditional Muslim apparel and walk among your white supremacist friends for a day.

    4. @Edwin Bonilla Does one really need an assault rifle for self defense? It’s the only weapon in question here. Anything else you’ve heard about liberals taking away your second amendment rights is no different than all other republican talking points, a BIG LIE.

    5. @ORANGE GENERAL Most sane people, who are not suffering from some form of mental illness don’t go on mass murdering sprees. Whether it be sociopathy, psychopathy, bi-polar….those mental disorders will contribute to one’s ability to turn into a mass murderer.

      Again, not defending the killer in any way. But if you are angry because you were bullied and take it out through murder, that is the same kind of thing as disgruntled employees who shoot up their work places. That anger is the trigger (ugh, pun).

  5. AND, Republicans think we should not change background checks. This a-hole should never be close to a gun.

  6. Ok but he shouldn’t have been allowed to purchase anything fire arms according to his family. So change the laws to protect the people of Bolder and all of Colorado. There have been several notable mass shootings in this same general area of Colorado. I would move if these people refuse to do anything to protect them. People should have to be afraid to attend school, a movie or grocery shop in this part of Colorado.

  7. Look at all of these taxpayer dollars that have already been wasted on one individual. There is no doubt that he did the crime and now you are going to waste more taxpayer dollars to give him three hots and a cot for the rest of his life. What an excellent use of taxpayer dollars rather than doing something like curing the homeless problem or maybe lowering people’s property taxes. This is so utterly ridiculous!!!

    1. What is your solution? Bring back the lynch mob? The cop that shot him in the leg is already going to have to face a board, and is temporarily suspended. Imagine what he’d be facing if he’d shot the monster dead?

    2. @Deborah Freedman would you rather have more money than you will make in your lifetime spent on a person through your tax dollars that murdered not just one but many people??

  8. The situation is law abiding citizens are just that, it’s the ones that snap that are the problem. You never know till it happens, that’s why updated background checks are necessary

    1. So we should treat them all like mass shooters right? You people are more of a problem then the actual shooters.

  9. The fact is this : people who do mass shootings would not dare by an illegal gun out of fear of their own life, so basically has anyone who did a mass shooting paid for an illegal weapon

    1. That’s because they target gun-free zones like colleges and cowards like you pitch a bitchfit anytime you see someone with a gun in public. I can’t even carry in the grocery store without getting dirty looks. Carry your own and stop waiting for someone to save you.

    2. @I’ll comply with Gun Control one round at a time. By your logic, literally everyone has to carry gun everywhere you go, wow I’m glad I’m not an American . We have zero shooting here in Indonesia , none, nada.

  10. How many people would he have killed without a gun? Republicans say they want to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill then require a yearly psych exam for all owners.

    1. He could have done more damage with a box truck. Imagine if someone took a U-haul down the beach during spring break? You gonna regulate that?

    2. @I’ll comply with Gun Control one round at a time.
      What a moronic argument. Why is it that mass murders prefer guns when a U-Haul truck works better? You know they register U-Haul’s, right?
      Would you fear taking a psych exam? Could it be that you wouldn’t pass.

  11. Legally……..but don’t bother with gun reform people, this is all normal, nothing to see here. Da farq?

    1. You gonna do background checks for U-haul rentals too? Imagine taking a box truck down the beach during spring break. You gonna regulate that next?

  12. This is ONCE AGAIN not the time to talk about gun laws. If you don´t get it, it´s actually NEVER time to talk about gun laws… or have you heard a Republican say now it is time?

  13. Hey guys, what am I supposed to blow up cans and bottles with if I can’t have my ar-15 with a 30 round clip?

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