1. This is disgusting. The focus being on Cheney over Marjorie Taylor Green?! Give me a break! You don’t know what Q anon is? Give me an even bigger break!! Liars, all of em

    1. @Nhoc Dug Well, at least we agree on those 1999 🙂

      Thanks for your service – I retired in 2002 as a major in the SOF.

      And a good night to you, also.

    2. @dan dansen Believe it or not I studied many religions searching and researching. I just chose the one who seemed most believable. Same to you bro. Good night

    1. Something I read along time ago; Republicans care about their families, their communities and their religion. Democrats care about their families and the families of others. They care about their communities, and the communities of others. They care about their religion and don’t care what religion someone else believes.

    1. Why does a liar judge over another liar. He can’t, he thinks lying is acceptable. Why ask the Republicans if another Republican does something wrong. This is like you would ask Trumps children if daddy did something wrong. They will defend him. This system does not work. Best wishes from Europe.

    1. I know who he is, he not only knows but that was a such a despicable bit of crappy play acting done strictly for personal political gain.

  2. Lies lies and more lies on top of lies. These “people” are all pathological liars – so immersed in untruth they live in a fantasy world of Q make believe.

    1. @peaceandllov As someone who has been keeping tabs on QAnon and the followers since the beginning and watched it grow bigger and more dangerous I can assure you that they aren’t. There, frankly, is no way to blow QAnon “out of proportion” because it’s insanely ridiculous to the point of being dangerous (as has been shown). The claims of believers (some that even diverge wildly from actual Q claims) are completely out of proportion to reality. Nothing any one does to shine more light on this dangerous (what has become a) cult is being disingenuous. This NEEDS to be on blast. Maybe if it had been since the beginning, and maybe if more people in power would actually denounce this foolishness, so many people wouldn’t have fallen victim to it.

    2. qanon riots on the capitial along with maga and proud boys, and this guy isn’t aware of the threat they pose? somebody is too busy playing golf at mar-a-lago with dump

    3. Exactly, it is McCarthys job to be educated on the issues. Especially the terrorists attacking the Capital who held Qanon signs etc. poses a danger to this country.

    1. Couldn’t agree MORE! The GOP has completely gone off the rails….the WORST part people support these people, THAT makes me physically ill!

    2. why do extremists exist in office . i wish it was illegal for racist and misinformed people to get elected . certainly the “tolerance of intolerance” paradox applies here, it justifies my reasoning. you cant expect misinformed people to take care of the public, same with bigoted people like taylor greene . i just wished it translated into legislature

    3. @arrsea yes please. Legislation, “intense vetting”, local voter education, etc., sounds reasonable to me. Recent turds getting banned from social media and punched in the throat by big money, losing the Senate (more losing), Impeachment(s), etc., combined with instant media interaction for the masses has created a new era of accountability. This is only the beginning. I think it’s sad that it’s come to this, the alternative, just look the other way obviously wasn’t working out. 🔨

  3. just the FACT that Kevin McCarthy says he doesn’t know what q Anon is is grounds for his immediate removal from the fucking house

    1. Fuc Yu – (love the name, by the way), you are 100% correct. U.S. politicians SHOULD know what Qanon is. It’s their job to know what’s going on in the world. But seriously, we know they know. Those of us that didn’t vote for them are not stupid. I hated it when Trump said it & I hate it when our politicians say it.

    1. my question is why she hasnt been charged with consperacy to commit murder. She told her followers to commit murder no ifs, and, or buts.

  4. Kevin McCarthy : “A pathological lying narcissist like Greene wouldn’t tell a lie now would they?” When all you care about is power, morality and conscience doesn’t enter into it.

    1. @Marcella Soohoo yes. Trump trickle down anti- social pathologies is spreading like wildfire though the ranks of the Republicans. Also called shared psychosis.

  5. If he doesn’t know what Q anon is he should resign his position as he’s an uninformed person being paid to do a poor misguided job.

    1. @drought_tolerant omg being a witch isnt a crime matter of fact i have the right to my religion as does @WookieCookies. You have been reported.

    2. @drought_tolerant When did I say that? I’m equating QAnon believers to tarot card readers in that they both believe in unsubstantiated nonsense.

    3. So by that same logic nadler should resign as well for being uninformed when he said antifa was just an idea

    4. @Chris Loyd every city’s ‘antifa’ is completely autonomous they have no centralized distribution of knowelege or resources. Ie anti fascism is an idea not an orginization.
      Qanon has one source Q where they get their crazy ideas then its distrebuted in a pyramid like fashion through his/her aids who then distribute it thoughout the web ie its an organization.
      NOW do you understand the difference?

    1. Not because his hogs love being fed lies. They’ll vote for lies as long as it’s against the Dems. They’re gross

    1. Where was this energy when anqueefa and blm have been and still are rioting all over the country and they stormed the Capitol building as well. We the people remember. We don’t have short term memory like CNN seems to

    1. its not the matter of what everyone says its unedited videos she herself posted of her saying and doing disgusting things. Harrassing and threatening a child who survived a school shooting with the gun in her purse is horrid!

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