Boycotts Disrupt Sports In Wake Of Jacob Blake Shooting | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Boycotts Disrupt Sports In Wake Of Jacob Blake Shooting | Morning Joe | MSNBC


Professional sports has come to a halt as players protest the shooting of Kenosha, Wis. resident Jacob Blake. NBC Sports' Mike Tirico joins Morning Joe to discuss. Aired on 8/27/2020.
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Boycotts Disrupt Sports In Wake Of Jacob Blake Shooting | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @unpaid troll chicken need to be shot in the back seven times the police department have some very weak cops and to do it in front of small children like that shameful

    2. @Ashley Chatle My first comment on this platform was not addressed to you. You jumped in on my comment. Please read and read to understand. My third comment was to you because you asked why I support Trump and I said NO! I do not support him. Please read to understand before you address people.

    1. @Squilliam Fancyson Commenting in the YouTUBE comments section doesn’t make you much of an authority either, it seems. Thanks for the brainwash! squeaky clean, NOW!

    2. @Dan Stephensen Oh GOOD! 20 years for money laundering Putin’s payroll & 20 years tax fraud. fat cheeto has it comin’

    3. @William Bailey Yes, the Wisconsin Department of Justice has reported that Jacob Blake had a knife on the floorboard of his car when he was shot by police.
      Does this mean that anyone when traveling in Kenosha, Wisconsin must place any knives they have in a lockable case and place it in the trunk?
      WTF is wrong with you? How does that justify being shot in the back 7 times?

  1. Nice that Goodell can look at what HE SHOULD HAVE DONE DURING KAEPERNICK’S PROTEST, instead of feeding into Trump’s lies, division and RACISM !

    1. all he had to do
      was obey
      he failed
      it was his fault, and no others… until you learn that thing, you will never be equal

    2. @wel1968 You act like you don’t know about de-escalation or using a tazer. All you have to do is be Black. Ask George Floyd. Oh, you can’t… he obeyed all the while he was being murdered.

    1. @Uriah Heep Your party panders to spoiled children. You’re all crybabies. You have zero arguments and call everyone racist. Oh, and you bash Trump for anything and everything. You’re all sheep who are incapable of thinking for yourselves.

    2. @Wypipo Trippin Trippin’ is right! You have no clue as to my “party”. You made accusations with no substance, brought no “Trump” policy to the discussion. You raged and then melted like the snowflake you are. Keep on trippin’!

  2. No one right out of high school should be able to become a police officer. How about using the British model of 3 yrs of training?

    1. @Erica Cartman Not even close. My point is the media ignores the killings of INNOCENT whites by blacks while jumping all over shootings of absolute shitbags like Blake, Flyd and Brooks while they were already breaking the law I might add.

    2. Michael S But maybe they should. We need to get over it, the Wild West hasn’t existed for like 100 years now.

    3. On August 23rd, Kenosha police responded to a 9-1-1 call in which the dispatcher reported that a complainant said Blake wasn’t supposed to be there, and that he had taken the complainant’s keys and refused to give them back. According to a witness, Blake had pulled his car up near six or seven women shouting at each other on the sidewalk and Blake did not say anything to the women.

      Officers attempted to subdue Blake, and used a taser on him. A bystander who recorded a video of the incident heard police yelling “drop the knife” After an initial scuffle, Blake got away and walked to the driver side of his vehicle followed by Sheskey and another officer with guns drawn. Sheskey tried to grab Blake, and when Blake opened the door and leaned in, Sheskey grabbed him and fired seven shots towards Blake’s back. Blake was hit by four of the seven bullets. The Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul told a press conference on August 26th, 2020 that a knife was recovered on the driver’s side floor of Blake’s vehicle, and Blake had admitted to investigators that he had a knife.

    4. How about stop recruiting white officers period. That’s the only solution that will actually solve the problem.

    5. They don’t need training. The need to choose the correct people:
      1. Graduates with criminology degrees.
      2. People with high IQ, minimum 125.
      3. Experts in negotiation. Always quiet and measured
      4. Be brave and kind.
      5. Have empathy
      6. Have a black belt in karate and judo, preferably 4th dan or above
      7. Have Army experience of at least 2 years.
      8. Be superbly fit, mentally and physically
      9. Be charasmitic
      10. Be the proud and the few, especially the few.

    1. @Jeff McGowan and even further i see all the white guys commenting on the black guy who was shot in the back seven times referring to him as a thug BUT what’s funny is none of you DEPLORABLES said anything about the seventeen year old that shot the three people killing two of them and walked right past the police without incident all this after we see now pictures of him at a trump (Klan) rally but none of you white guys are calling him a thug or commenting on him breaking the law I wonder what’s the difference between the two

    2. I’m all for equality! Any thug of any color who repeatedly disobeys the law, resists arrest, reaches for a weapon, and endangers others can be shot!

    3. @From the Futon Websters definition of a thug is (bully and assassin) so let’s look at three people to see who fits that definition now it’s been proven that Donald Trump bullies his staff even his ex wives around so I guess we can say he a thug right now as far as the assassin the 17 year old white kid that gunned down the three protesters he definitely fit the definition of assassin right BUT the black man shot in the back seven times we can’t really say he fits neither because we don’t know his back ground at all BUT to assume he’s the thug out of the three would probably be racist oh s@%# what does that make you

    1. Sounds extreme and I know it sucks for sports fans but this unjust treatment has to stop already! These athletes are banding together to send a sharp positive message, meet them halfway please.

    1. @RAVEN_OF_WAR, you’re calling ME dumb because of something YOU said??? I really can’t imagine why the US is known as the land of the idiots, around the world…

    2. @2010realitycheck Jacob Black has a 3rd degree sexual assault record and you think he is innocent, its funny how brain dead you are

    3. @RAVEN_OF_WAR you said the nba is supporting criminals , how ? The reason they boyscotting is because of the criminals which are the police!!!

  3. Stuff just got real for police. Meanwhile, Colin Kaepernick is looking more and more like a genius and the NFL is looking more and more stupid for choosing Trump over Kaepernick’s peaceful protest.

    1. Time to end taxpayer sports, you know ‘non profit’ leagues and taxpayer paid stadiums…
      Let these athletes play with themselves….

  4. This is great because now players can protest openly without being whiteballed by these owners keep it going

    1. Robert Borglund Oh yes, a review of the leadership is needed by a higher authority than the mayor and his drinking bubbies.

    2. If a black guy walked around with a long gun – in ANY civilian context, and of any age – cops would DROP HIM. Yet the white kid in Kenosha gets a pass because of racism. OK then; glass half full: Per capita, race violence the past thirty years is less than the previous 30, BEFORE affordable video recorders. Video = witness. At least now the shooter and cops can’t hide (from justice).

  5. The movement should continue BEYOND sports! More people should be letting the government know that their inaction is unacceptable.

    1. wel1968 You don’t know your rights sir, which is cool, but let me educate you. Number 1: as a citizen, who was a WITNESS to a crime, regardless of criminal history, he is not required to communicate with the police nor does the officers have a right to talk to him unless his is committing a crime. Mr. Blake had the 5th amendment right to refuse to interact with police. Especially, after physically attacking a witness. Once, he refused to cooperate and therefore, activated his 5th amendment, there was no need to address him any further. Being a police officer DOES NOT give them constitutional authority or position to violate ones rights, by questioning or investigating him without the constitutional basis to do so. He didn’t violate a penal code by breaking up a physical altercation with two women. So, first know constitutional law and the role of the police officer as : Number 1: a first responder and the role to uphold the constitution as the duty and the reason for their employment, which is partially paid for by the tax paying African AMERICANS of this country….who so happen to vote. Get your life and some education, your ignorance is reckless.

    2. They have been. The current government was having their coronation and it was only blacks being uppity. All the government had to say was telling us that there needs to be law and order…

  6. I am Jewish and I wish my grandfather had celebrities to speak for him during the holocaust. I support and stand with the black community and the players.

  7. “There are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity”

  8. That’s right Trump: black, brown, white and other ethnicitys are banded together against you.

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