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  1. Hey Clive and Perma: Mi nuh mind di $M12 sign enuh. The question is, did they tap into the local talent for the design? For example, did they issue a request for design/bid. In other words, a competition between local artists (I use that word cautiously these days) and schools etc., to propose a design which reflects Jamaica. That way, the 12 mill could be injected in the local economy. As well as give some exposure to some unknown, talented, country bwai. If not, then mi affi agree wid unuh. Just a false image of Jamaica.
    And to be frank; Tourists can get that anywhere around the world. An “All inclusive” looks the same whether it be in Mexico or St Martin. Tourists want to see the Jamaica where the stalwart representative which they met abroad come from.

    1. Mi bredren yuh noh seh dem Neva do dat dem boasy slaves weh wi have a run down di country only deal wid dem friens inna high places di only thing di small man doh a di little plants weh yuh see dey

  2. These people here is the problem in Jamaica wen election time if yuh si them on truck and through car window. The government must not build nothing them too damn fool

  3. No money don’t stiff, they choose what they do with money because the poor is the last on the list,is only when a life is lost they act, but for now, not sure.

  4. Is it just me, or did anyone else see that Knox College student crossing the stream? River is an exaggeration.
    That student must have been collecting samples for his end-of-term report on local ganja.

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