Brad Wall: Freeland meetings with premiers is a ‘positive sign’

Former Sask. premier Brad Wall says it’s a 'good sign" that Chrystia Freeland immediately come out to the Prairies.

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  1. He is thinking that the money will just come out of thin air??? It’s a budget, money has to come from somewhere else in our limited allocation of money. What he proposes is taking money away from bother needed areas to give back to certain provinces… that’s not fair or logical to give advantages to one province over another

    1. Ummm…. that’s what they have been doing for Quebec and most eastern provinces for 50 years….. giving advantages to one province over another.

  2. Saskatchewan? I hate that place eh! Alberta same thing eh. A bunch of deplorable dumbasses live there. I had a friend from Ontario that boot to Saskatchewan. Don’t talk to him no more. That’s why he moved there because he was an a****** all along eh.

  3. 5:39…. you missed a zero there…. it’s more like 20 billion….. 600 billion over the past 50 years Alberta has paid to “equalization” ….. Only payback was kicks in the teeth when we are down.

  4. Where’s the action from Ottawa on agriculture? Talk is cheep, nothing is happening on any of our trade issues, all we get is more taxes.

  5. Kenney does NOT need to tone it down!! What is wrong with these journalists?? Kenney and Moe need to jack it up if anything! Freeland is listening with ear plugs in. Same old pile of dung from Ottawa. TIME FOR ACTION IS NOW!!!

  6. It’s taken 4+ years for the liberals to try to do anything.
    I still see it as lip service and nothing more. Just trying to buy time to stay in power. Nothing more.

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