Brampton mayor wants Pearson airport closed for leisure travel

Brampton, Ont. Mayor Patrick Brown explains why he wants Pearson airport closed to leisure travel.

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  1. Of course he had to get his mouth going he must have felt ignored Ford and Tory getting all the publicity. Oops forgot about the skating rink incidents

  2. To bad it wasn’t March 2020, that ship as sailed. To busy putting in bicycle lanes and photo radar, plus how’s you and your buddies hockey games going.

  3. Although that would have been a great idea last year.. Our constitution says Canadian citizens can’t be prevented from leaving Canada or coming home..

    1. @Q M QM, have you read the Charter of Rights and Freedoms? I have. Please point out where public health is mentioned? In case you are confused, the government has no interest in public health, just public safety. Have you ever heard the government talk about taking vitamins, eating healthy, getting exercise. Not once! Stay home, stay safe (stay depressed, stay unemployed, stay afraid, stay weak). Prove me wrong.

  4. The guy who shut down arena, then played hockey with his buddies, wants a national airport closed?

  5. Not just for leisure travel.
    All major airports should be closed for international and domestic travels

  6. Yesssss please!! Why federal government isn’t listening ?! What he’s saying is so right!

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