Brandy Zadrozny Discusses What Happened Before January 6 | MTP Daily | MSNBC 1

Brandy Zadrozny Discusses What Happened Before January 6 | MTP Daily | MSNBC


NBC News Reporter Brandy Zadrozny discusses the evidence that was out there about January 6, says it was being discussed on Twitter and Facebook. Aired on 01/08/2021.
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Brandy Zadrozny Discusses What Happened Before January 6 | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  1. Biden refers to these vandals as “domestic terrorists” to bridge the divide between two Parties, but let’s call it like it is.

    REPUBLICAN politicians and pundits instigated this failed coup attempt,

    REPUBLICAN stooges carried out this failed coup attempt, and

    REPUBLICAN politicians and pundits are now justifying and/or denying their culpability in this failed coup attempt.

  2. The police were in on it. They were probably told to let them in. We all know that law enforcement worships trump.

    1. @Vernon Hector All cops are racist, it gets proven every day. So, of course the police are trump supporters, ALL racists are.

    2. Capitol Police are under the jurisdiction of the federal government, so that would be trump. If they genuinely did let them in, they got one of their own killed while doing so.

    1. @ruth depew The Chief is partly responsible for the death of one of his officers by the treason mob. What a p.o.s.

    2. @James Kennedy Since they’re now arresting treasonous trump-humpers and the Capitol Police are under federal (trump’s) jurisdiction, I’m pretty sure I know which. Maybe it would have been “fun” for him if they used those zip-ties to kidnap and then execute members of Congress, but instead it got one of their own killed. A guy so inept at “commanding” his own “forces” has no damned business being Commander and Chief of the United States military.

  3. I don’t even pay attention to social media and it was obvious to me weeks ago that on the 6th there was going to be major far-right fascist action, rioting, etc. in DC.

    Just as it’s obvious now there will be more radical far-right fascist domestic terrorism throughout the country and in DC in the days, weeks, and months to come.

    1. Some damned Republican needs to come clean, and tell the groupies that the “voter fraud evidence” was a spoof instagram account. It might have been all funny and cute to them when they thought they were just getting people mad enough to contest the election, but now it’s getting people killed. How they didn’t envision that coming, I’ll never know.

    1. @Dawn Oceanside Honey, you can’t bring a post you say you found on Instagram that has already been determined to be a “spoof” account and claim it’s “proof” of voter fraud. It’s proof of nothing, except that you are highly gullible.

  4. All you had to do was look at Trump’s Twitter account and you would have known that this is what Trump was planning.

    There’s a reason why Trump fired the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Director, the Defense Secretary, the Homeland Security Secretary, and other officials.

    And there are Trump supporters within the police at every level.

  5. Why has Congress not taken any action regarding those members of congress who were happy to meet the insurrections?

    1. Agree that needs to be done but we don’t want T rump to know they need a pardon. Hopefully, that will be done after the 20th.

    2. Only one that I know of, who is with the West Virginia legislature, and he came to the “rally” by bus with a group from WV, KY and PA. He proceeded to gleefully play his stream as the breech occurred. Oh, and of course Hawley giving them the first pump.

  6. Trump and his followers have been pushing for violence for well over a year…coded, not coded, Proud Boy’s leader right now was messaging about inauguration – bringing the revolution, adding fireworks- remind me why he is not in jail right now?

  7. The capital was not properly protected because some people in high places wanted the Trump coup to be successful. It is the only logical conclusion or explanation.

  8. Hope Michigan pursues charges against Benedict Donald for his participation in the crowd attacks on their state house.

  9. They said they were white people what could happen now you know this is what happens when you have racist running our security

  10. They were escorted into the Capitol because they were friends of Trump and the police; they were not BLM protestors.

  11. Someone commented me today on YouTube. Saying just wait for the war. These people are completely insane.

  12. Remember a few weeks ago when people were wondering why t’rump hallowed out the Department of Defense all of a sudden?
    Well, now you know.

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