Breaking Down Bill Maher’s History Of Racially Insensitive Remarks 1

Breaking Down Bill Maher’s History Of Racially Insensitive Remarks


Bill Maher once again stepped way out of his lane and ignited a new firestorm when he chastised Lin-Manuel Miranda for apologizing for not having more Afro-Latinx representation in the movie “In the Heights.”» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Breaking Down Bill Maher’s History Of Racially Insensitive Remarks


    1. @Jose Flores you misread or misunderstood Rick’s comment. He never said he finds Maher insufferable.

    2. @Blue Calla oh my bad, he only finds certain aspects of Maher’s personality unpalatable
      My apologies

    1. It’s a good statement, but it can apply both ways here. Makers does seem to get offended very easily these days….

    2. Daivd Nicholson: But it does mean you are offended. What is the point of offending people? Does Mr. Maher think that Miranda is going to recant what he said because Mr. Maher has attacked him? Why do people, certainly not just Maher, make money, $20,000,000 a year in Maher’s case not counting his personal appearances, more than one thousand times the national minimum wage, for not only entertaining people, educating people, but also gratuitously offending them? Why is that worth 1000 times as much to the nation as a short order cook or greeting card store salesperson’s work, or three hundred times as much as picking up Mr. Maher’s garbage and that of other Americans? And I say gratuitous because Mr. Maher comes up with someone else to offend when he has run out of offensive things to say about another group or that group is no longer relevant. The flip, once Trump was out of office, was so obvious. “OK, Islam, we’ve done. No terrorism lately, anyway. Trumpism we’ve done to death. People just want to be rid of the guy. Who can we go after next to remain controversial for the sake of being controversial? Ah, yes, liberals.”

    1. Bill used to tell it brutal now he is just another old whiney white whining about white grievance. He is a jewish Trump

    1. You’re woke to Bill’s wokeness of Tiff’s overly wokeness. As an insomniac, l hate you all! 🤣

  1. I usually appreciate Tiffany’s perspective, but she’s way off base on this one. Needs to watch more Bill Mayer with open-minded curiosity and interest.

  2. You are completely off base Tiffany. That was a whiny diatribe on your part.
    Bill Maher is not racist, he does not have “mostly white panel guests” as you stated.
    He’s a pretty level headed guy that isn’t afraid to make fun of, or speak out about anyone – left or right, white or coloured – that does or says dumb stuff.
    I wonder if he’ll bother to comment on your mediocre opinion piece.

  3. Im Filipino/ American, I think I deserve an apology also for not being represented enough in that film…… Just joking, I really don’t feel offended over it. I’m on Bill’s side on this one.

  4. Also, how is this a breakdown of his history of racially insensitive marks? I only saw a brief snippet about In the Heights. Not exactly a history.

  5. It don’t have to be one side or the other, it ain’t we right you wrong. Bill is a real guy who isn’t perfect. I think it was a little beneath you, Tiffany, to assume much of anything about a comedian and political commentator who actually named his previous show “politically correct”. Now, when he tears into you for whining, and he will, don’t try to leverage that, k? I tend to think you have better things to focus on than some guy who CAN be an allies but will never meet your ideals for him. In fact, it’s a little arrogant of you to assume he should

  6. Bill Maher is a fine comedian. His monologues are well-thought through; his guests are often reflective of the racial mix of the US. I don’t agree with everything he says, but it is first and foremost a comedy show. My reason for watching is to laugh. Anything more is an added bonus. Keep it going Bill.

  7. This is just an awful stretch and finding a fault. She sounds awfully bitter. Like a Fox attempt

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