Breaking Down The Politics Of Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC 1

Breaking Down The Politics Of Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


Where do Democrats and Republicans stand on impeachment? As America grapples with the idea of impeachment, Stephanie Ruhle is joined by NBC’s Jonathan Allen and Washington Post Opinion Writer Jonathan Capehart to discuss which Republicans have spoken out against the president and whether others will follow suit. Aired on 10/4/19.
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Breaking Down The Politics Of Impeachment | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Every time trump overestimated his properties for the banks , every time he underestimated his properties for his taxes, every time he paid his women with campaign funds, every time he used charity money for his personal use, every time he scammed his insurance he should get jail time.

    1. @Dadson worldwide
      *PHILACIOUS doesn’t exist!!!!!!! Is FALLACIOUS the English word you meant to use??????? or possibly a more appropriate term?????? Have you ever heard of a tool, called a DICTIONARY?

  2. A despicable, low-life $©umbag rotten through and through is accusing a decent person of corruption, and the Earth doesn’t crack open and swallow the ugly creature. What is going on?

    1. @4thekids
      The serpent left devil’s legion destroys all children. You are a brainwashed embarrassment

    1. @Barry Lucas The stuff Demtards have been serving up is reminiscent of the Obama years: it is shovel ready.

    2. Ahhh haha too easy! President of steel!!! Trump 2020!!!! We disagree but I don’t hate you. We just disagree. I support the horse I picked who fights for my political agenda. He does that. I will continue to support him until I don’t see that anymore.

  3. I used to believe that Republicans had a legitimate place in the political ecosystem but ever since they went full on fascist i’m thinking they should go the way of the Nazi party and disappear forever .

    1. @Larry Hall Bingo! If you’ve ever dealt with a paranoid schizophrenic, you will note they do precisely the same thing as the Fox News addicted right wingers. It is their way of both avoiding ever admitting they made a mistake (as in self centered adult brats) and being able to hang onto their frothing at the mouth hatred for everyone who isn’t also a right wing America hating traitor.

    2. You just explained the future of the Democratic Party. They are done and they KNOW it! Greatest Show on Earth!!!

  4. Cheeto von Tweeto is trying his best to normalize his criminal deeds and behavior by going public with his ignorant commentary. Go figure as he is the WORST and DUMBEST person to occupy space in the WH.

    1. Patrick Kennedy I thought was me but Trump is getting uglier by day. Sort of like The Portrait Of Dorian Gray. Nuff said

  5. Its 2019 and a bunch of repubs, the president and his vice president Mike pense are all going to jail. Bro, is this real life?

    1. What we’re looking at is no impeachment party, no Constitution and no vote in 2020… Our democracy will be past history

    1. Just gave yourself away, Serpent puppy
      Clinton Foundation Is The “Largest Unprosecuted  Crime Syndicate Ever”

      And then theres the 7 people Hillary had murdered right before election covering her dirt and her 20 million fake votes thru election fraud scams consisting of the devils legion lackies which are supporters of the democratic serpent left

    2. @Yo-yos Tenbucks wow another Right wing nut case with a Right wing Nut Channel for us to watch. Go deflect some where else or better yet, go on your roof and yell BUT BUT HILLARY!!!

      Really, cuz you’ll be brimstone bait anytime now, Mark this one Jacko, he supports the serpent left which is the devil’s legion and claims Trump is treason and he wants to pull the trigger. Have him pull the latch on his casket

    4. @Larry Hall
      I even have the link with proof…yeah, wow,vtruth means nothing to a Serpent kunt like you..I have a surprise for you, pumpkin..

  6. What I’m hearing, and not for the first time, is that USA population didn’t have the smarts to understand the Mueller Report. Is that telling or what?
    It was as clear as day for most of the world. Trump sought to collude and later obstructed the inquiry, and a historic and contentious DOJ memo meant he couldn’t be charged for this. It’s strange USA can’t understand simple truths.

    1. You are right on the money! I have American friends, and unfortunately most of them don’t understand their political system, including their constitution!

    1. @padseven No, I support a realist!! What part of her statement was racist?!!! NONE!!! Guess it’s time to collect your troll check!!!

  7. “I am an extremely stable genius”
    -Donald J. Trump
    I wonder who told him that ? , it had to be from the likes of an “extremely unstable genius”.
    Somebody’s been drinking to much ….“covfefe”….go figure.

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