Brennan: Trump’s Distraction Technique ‘Taken Right Out Of The Authoritarian’s Playbook’ | MSNBC

Former CIA Director John Brennan joins Lawrence O’Donnell to discuss Pres. Trump’s history of being “masterful at distracting attention” away from the issues as the administration is unable to address the COVID-19 outbreak. Aired on 7/6/2020.
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Brennan: Trump’s Distraction Technique ‘Taken Right Out Of The Authoritarian’s Playbook’ | MSNBC


  1. Steve Bannon, Trump’s ex chief political strategist, once said proudly: “I am a Leninist.”  Bannon said that Lenin wanted to destroy the Russian state (which was true) and that he had the same goals for Amerca. “I want to bring everything crashing down and destroy all of today’s establishment”  Bannon said.

    From the look of Trump’s time in White House, Bannon installed a bevy of Leninist political tactics that could have come straight from the Bolshevik leader’s playbook..

    Two days after Lenin seized power in Russia a century ago, he began an assault on the free  press – and his successors in the USSR did not let up for the next 70 years. Putin is literally following in Lenin’s footsteps, and Trump would love to follow in Putin’s footsteps.

    Three days after Trump’s inauguration Bannon told the NYT: “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen … I want you to quote this. “The media here is the opposition party.”  This was the beginning of Trump’s war on the free press, which is a must for any demagogue.

    At a rally held by Steve Bannon in March of last year, an angry and hostile woman took the mic and said, “Never in my life did I think I would like to see a dictator, but if there’s gonna be one, I want it to be Trump!” which was met with loud cheers and applause from Bannon and the crowd of cultists. It goes without saying that any American who would cheer for that, doesn’t believe in liberty, freedom, or the Constitution.

    Since information from the press can undermine a dictator’s spell over his cultists, they will often attack and demonized the free press. They will usually claim that the media can’t be trusted. They have even called out for violence against news outlets that oppose them, claiming that the press is part of a deep state conspiracy against them, or claiming that leading newspapers were simply personally out to get him. No dictator can survive in a country that has a free press. This fact was not lost on Lenin, and neither is that fact lost on Trump. The truth has been, and will always be, Trump’s nemesis

    Bannon helped to creat the hate-filled language of alt-right politics, which is decidedly Leninist in tone. Above all, Lenin needed to invent enemies he had to be seen to defeat. In post- revolutionary Russia it was the “elite” a word Lenin used frequently. And he despised so-called “experts” who claimed a monopoly of knowledge. He often said that a worker with five days’ training could run a government department. He scapegoated opponents and labelled them “enemies of the people”.

    Lenin abolished the existing legal system and started afresh. Within a few weeks his regime closed down the first freely elected parliament in Russia’s history – and the Soviets never allowed another one. It would be wrong to assume that the next step for Trump is the abolition of Congress, or the construction of labour camps. But the unprecedented war by tweet between the administration and the judiciary over the president’s executive orders has real echoes of Bannon’s revolutionary hero.

    Lenin would very likely have identified 2017 as a revolutionary moment. He matters today not because of his flawed and bloody answers, but because he was asking questions similar to those we are asking today. In his quest for power, Lenin promised people anything and everything. He offered simple solutions to complex issues. He lied unashamedly. He justified himself on the basis that winning meant everything; the ends justified the means. Lenin was the godfather of post-truth politics. Powerful people have learned depressing lessons from him. In order for America to survive, Trump must be defeated.

    1. @P. B I’m glad I asked you. These threads can sometimes cause troubles that way ya know? And the Trump trolls lol stay safe , have a good evening. Thanks for responding.

    2. David Jackson, I also don’t necessarily need to read,usually it’s for enjoyment. I certainly don’t need to read when it comes to my opinion about Trump because I believe, save what I see. Ive been on this earth a long time and have seen many things and many Presidents, REAL PRESIDENTS, and never in all that time have I ever seen what I see in him. He is a narcissist and white supremacist. He is NOT, I repeat NOT a Patriot and he cares nothing about the American people. And, quite frankly, I’ve seen enough. And here’s where I also say we can just agree to disagree, because opinions are like A-holes, everyone has one. I base mine on facts. End of discussion.

    3. @P. B Ahh our Northern brethren. Peace to you as well. So glad to see people from other countries in these threads so they can see for themselves whats going on here.

  2. “No, I don’t take any responsibility at all.” – t’rump on Mar 13 when the US had 48 deaths.
    132,931 American deaths later….
    “We just need to live with it. It’s 99% harmless.”

    1. Already saw the execution list this guy is lucky hes only getting jail for life
      God wins

    2. @Tz5n Trump is the authoritarian dictator that americans never wanted, but those same americans are being brainwashed by said dictator in believe it’s people against the dictator that want to bring dictatorship in america, you should see stalin’s rallies

  3. When will trumps constant mis information on covid 19 become prosecutable as negligent homicide??

    1. @jimbo Yes jimbo very unfortunate governor Cuomo mishandled those nursing homes. You have to take into account that was the second area of the country after Washington state to deal with the virus. It was the first area with a huge dense population! The doctors are better equipped and knowledgeable in treating the patients now! Plasma antibodies etc. Things are going to get better. Stay the course!

    2. @John Shuler Yes! Things will get better. Thank you for the mature reply and up lifting information. All the best!!

    3. @poolplayer poolplayer Good comeback P P Go easy on Kevin! I think his clutch is slipping! He seems to be triggered easily! Not nice Is it Kevin? Follow Thumpers advice==we will all be better for it.

  4. Trump’s stupendous incompetence prevents me from giving him credit for running an authoritarian regime. He is better described as a cult leader for stupid people. The problem is that the current Senate is as criminal and corrupt as he is, and many (most) of them are not as stupid as he is. We are “governed” by the equivalent of an authoritarian regime controlled by a headless chicken.

    1. @Lisa Elissa I’m old with bad eyes and small type is sometimes hard to read.
      Just because I use caps doesn’t mean I’m angry or shouting, thats just your interpretation.
      Trump 2Q2Q! WWG1WGA!

  5. Some of his half wit base “a seemingly diminishing number” still fall for the old three card trick

    1. @justlovetowander keep living in your tiny box you call reality as long as it lasts … soon it will be. ripped apart…truth is coming

    2. Thragon68 its all in your head you know?. Try to get out of your basement. People believed on all this conspiracy bs are just plain stupid people and never leave there small tiny little head. Get out mate educate yourself properly.

    3. @justlovetowander Yup. People just staring at their computer screen trolling through the websites of other idiots who also have no life, evidence or reliable sources. Just dopamine entertainment turning people into paranoid outrage conspiracy junkies. The world and humans are not “oppressed” by some attempt by the “elite” – the world and humans are “oppressed” by ENTROPY and THE LAWS OF PHYSICS. There is no cabal of humans at the helm of some malicious attempt to control humanity – such a thing is impossible in the face of the reality of the world. Yet here are the Great Unwashed Masses, convinced the reason they are angry is because people are conspiring against their needs. Just get out, walk the dog, read a book about history or physics, build something, love your family, wave at your neighbors. Paranoia and staring at the Void is not good for you.

  6. Trump is in it for the trappings, the perks, the chance to be called ‘sir’ ad nauseam, and the protections.

    1. @RedondoBeach2 Reading your post helps me justify my leaving the Dem-Marx party! It’s was very stressful! On another subject Redondo Beach is a cool place Come to the middle buddy!

    2. @Lisa Elissa yes lets get Joey in there! You know him don’t you! Yes that one The one that liked little kids running their fingers through the hair on his legs.SICK !!!!

    3. @Lisa Elissa My Lib kids say the same thing to me! LOL Lisa this is a true story No B S Joe as our POTUS will be a disaster.You see where this country is at now { Not Bad } { not Good} There is a large portion of our country { The Silent } that will not put up with him enacting far left policies. Could get very noisy! I have to take this hat off! Too tight —its giving me a headache! JK Take care, All the best

  7. Keep your eyes on the ball.
    Our young troops protecting our country are under attack. Not enough is being said to protect them from the POTUS silence.

    1. Gregory w wow you are amazing, You really think our military are under attack? wow . It couldn’t be many are in areas where the other side hates the US
      and loves power and killing innocent civilians or taking over a country and controlling it’s people by force?

  8. trump has been using them all;
    Divide and Conquer
    Confuse and Conquer
    Distract and Conquer
    though lately he seems to be trying out a new one:
    Unravel and Conquer.
    I’m not sure if that one will help him conquer, but an unraveling trump is a desperate and dangerous trump…

    1. Those are DEEP STATE tactics.
      They’ve been using the same BULLSCHIFF tactics for years.
      TRUMP 2Q2Q! WWG1WGA!

    2. Already saw the execution list this guy is lucky hes only getting jail for life
      God wins

    3. @Genghis Smith
      God wins hahah
      Enjoy the show Q
      You cant stop what is coming

  9. We need to turn out to vote in numbers so great, by mail, in person, or anyway we can, to make sure he is defeated in a landslide that cannot be denied.
    It’s Trump or America!!!
    🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲 BIDEN 2020 🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    1. @Lisa Elissa Awww…come on Lisa! Let it sink in…the long slow walk of shame for trump as he passes One Vote Joe in the driveway. Priceless!

    2. @Lisa Elissa it is worthless to you…you are already bought and sold….beyond help….ZOMBIE

    3. @Thragon68 No thanks, I avoid Trump’s remedies. I also don’t inject disinfectant but it looks like you’re using that one.

  10. Don’t forget all the COVID-19 deaths and infections don’t forget Russia bounties on US soldiers

    1. @john smith Absolutely pathetic! All five MSM outlets are owned by ideologically aligned, corporate entities supplied with 4:00 AM narrative drips for the daily news cycle. All different sides of the same coin. Wake up to the Matrix.

    2. @Kevin Trump never called the Democrat pandemic a hoax.. Trump never disbanded task force..Everything you think you know is all demon rat fake news propaganda…

    3. Lisa Elissa probably for the same reason a lot of us do…to see the actual lies being told and the ignorance of the followers. They are stupid and know nothing….only name calling.

    1. OhPlease a : Seriously; the playbook takes from lots of people, but it’s most close to Stalin’s. He ignored a famine, in which millions died, in the way Donny deals with Covid, with his current, “numbing,” strategy. He called the press the enemy of the people; that’s Donny directly quoting him. Stalin demonstrated his raw POWER, by saying lunatic things, and enjoying the chilling effect it had on his country when everyone started repeating the same lunatic claims as fact, like parrots. Except it was more intimidating in Russia, because no press dared push back. That’s going to be the same here, if Donny survives. The way and style of his attacks on his opponents is the same, the threats, and the grey areas. Everything is Stalin, Stalin, Stalin. And, it’s not like we have to guess WHO taught him to behave that way, right?

    1. @Genghis Smith Why are you posting from another country accusing an American of being a traitor? STFU, PUNK!

    2. @Golden Sun Totally true and thanks to your projection where up is down and down is up, you point directly at the Democrat Party. Welk said.

    3. Biden needs an indisputable landslide victory, but nonetheless bunker boy will claim fraud and cause grave turmoil. VOTE!!!

    4. Trump has already won when you have DNC funded marxists groups burning down buildings, murdering innocent people and destroying America ..BLM and Antifa has put the last nail in the coffin of the baby killers…

  11. Trump radiates hallowness, incompetence, ineptness, failure as a leader, and an American Traitor. Trump has been compromised by millions of dollars from Russian Oligarchs in connection with Putin who contributed to Trumps Real Estate Empire. Trump is caught between a rock and a hard place and therefore can never act in a confrontational manner with Putin.

    1. @Tom McDermott in January when we have a Law-abiding president and AG many are ” going to go through some things ”.

  12. Not one flag waving “American patriot” who wears a maga hat has stood in defence of the troops regarding the bounties from Putin story, the silence from those “patriots” has been deafening and is very telling about their so called loyalty to America.

    1. @Thragon68 So you actually believe Herr tRumpenfuhrer is the chosen one, or was that claim by the right wing just a “propaganda psyops” tactic to deceive religious people and have them vote against their best interests ?

      TRUMP 2Q2Q! WWG1WGA!

    2. DAVID JACKSON shout as loud as you like – still won’t make your argument anymore logical or correct

    3. DAVID JACKSON everyone pays taxes – just that Trump supports his own pockets first and the people 2nd – get over it and realize that the best person for office will be the one that tells least lies … trump fails on every measure of decency

    4. @Steve Turner Your opinion. Ain’t America great!? You.have the right to criticize our great PRESIDENT or anyone else you dislike. What a great (AGAIN) country!
      Trump 2Q2Q! WWG1WGA!

  13. Benedict Donald, a blizzard of evil, sold out American soldiers to Putin! Do not be DISTRACTED by his blatant racism.

    1. @james well you only brought up the part about how the Democratic and Republican parties switched attitude because that’s exactly what did happen. As for Trump, he doesn’t have a prayer. Even Lindsey Graham spoke up against him yesterday.

    2. @james James James James if you have a God how come he did not teach you any grammar, sentence structure, or punctuation? I’m sorry someone that cannot even form a complete sentence is not going to sway me in any way shape or form. If you want to believe in witch doctors, religions from the Bronze Age, or waving a chicken around your head on a full moon, I couldn’t care less.

    3. @james James you don’t need to message me again. Your brain is seriously eaten up. You don’t know the real truth about Q.

  14. John Brennen’s concluding statement describes to a “T” DJT’s attitude; “he doesn’t take his job and his responsibilities seriously”!

  15. Fortunately, day by day, more and more Americans are seeing the reality of the Trump horror show. May the trend continue. Vote true. Vote blue.

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