Brexit legal challenge: Day Two live from court

Brexit legal challenge: Day Two live from court 1


The legal argument over Brexit continues. Judges will decide if MPs should get a say on when the UK leaves the EU. Watch live on day two of the Government's appeal at the Supreme Court.

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4 Comments on "Brexit legal challenge: Day Two live from court"

  1. thanks for upload sky

  2. Legal mumbo-jumbo jumbo that is fine for lawyers to climax over. However,
    the public have voted for Brexit and that means 50 must be used to do it.
    Any other talk is academic, just what they are doing now bless them.

  3. I think these ppl need to be careful with their stalling. If there is an
    early election called UKIP can easly use this to win power. With the
    massive turn out for the referendum and anger that a democratic vote is
    being undermined by the elite who don’t seem to grasp that it is because of
    this sort of nonsence that we voted to leave, Any party that promised to
    enact article 50 would win outright.

  4. Practically every executive of democratic states has a prerogative power
    that it uses to make and break treaties which is then ratified by their
    elected chambers. This hair splitting legal balderdash has one purpose and
    that is frustrating, delaying, complicating the triggering of article 50.
    It shows up the criminal intentions of the unelected elites to thwart the
    democratic will of the majority. It won’t work.

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