Brexit On The Menu | Ciara & Ben

Brexit On The Menu | Ciara & Ben 1


Ciara thinks we're stronger in Europe, and Ben had concerns about immigration. Find out how their conversation went when knives (and forks) were drawn.

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10 Comments on "Brexit On The Menu | Ciara & Ben"

  1. Amy Wheelwright | September 26, 2016 at 6:39 AM | Reply

    WTF? Why are they still debating and fueling animosity? The campaign has
    been fought, the democratic decision has been made, let it go, it’s time to
    join force. *What agenda are Sky and its master pushing now reopening old
    wound causing more divide in the country??*

  2. Brexit nothing more than another satanic free masonic psyop,, number 33 of
    course in numerology which these satanists communicate with all the time,,
    signs symbols colors and numbers,,English language for the SHEEPLE<< skynews like all the rest of the satanic free masonic controlled msm =666 my goodness sheeple they have done a fantastic job of brainwashing you lot with their total control over everything you idiots think and believe,, now they simple MOCK you fools constantly and you have no clue what so ever ,,,,,,,A so called christian country totally controlled by the satanists ,, Satan deceives the whole world and this is very literal,,he has through his free masonic puppets,, now we wait for the 3rd free masonic world war then their micro chips and massive depopulation and their luciferian new world order,, been in the makings for hundreds of years and your lovely little old royal family are the ones fully behind this monstrous deception,, this bit you idiots will never get because they have you lot so indoctrinated and full of false patriotism you will never except the truth,,just bury your heads and continue shopping right to the end,,zombies,,

  3. the only thing the remain camp have is, i dont think leave voters knew what
    they were voting for? like wtf? do they think voters are that dumb?? we
    know all polictaincans talk bullshit anyways. we make a choice based on
    what we want nd what we think. how about the remain voters didnt know what
    they were voting for and only voted remain to not be seen as rascist?? if
    there ever was a re vote, ill defo be joining or leading an uprising.

  4. Some of these comments are copy and pasted from the other videos

  5. Anyone realised how they can’t seem to interview a good looking Leave
    voter, they try paint a picture in your head.

  6. Who is Ciara and Ben….

  7. This is pointless the referendum has happened and we have got to live with
    the consequences now. I think things are going to get tough once article 50
    is triggered but there is nothing we can do to change matters.

  8. People he wants in the country from outside the EU aren’t guaranteed entry.
    How does leaving the EU help that! We can already ask anyone in.

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